People have been asking me what the triangle tattoo on my wrist means so I thought I'd share. While triangles can have all sorts of meanings, to me it signifies balance. It reminds me to keep both feet rooted securely on the ground below me while still being able to look up into the sky above for inspiration, not getting stuck, not getting lost or overwhelmed.

The triangle structurally is one of the most resilient designs because of it's strong foundation. The last few years I'd been leaning heavily on him for all kinds of emotional and mental support without realizing it and crushed him in the process. I never want that to happen again with anyone. I want to build a strong enough foundation for myself that enables me to stand on my own and be self sufficient, pulling everything I may need from within.

It also means change and serves as a reminder that change doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing or a scary thing. It is an inevitable part of life, an almost certainty you can count on. It can be exciting and an opportunity for growth if I let it be. It's my constant reminder not to runaway from change, but to embrace it instead with eyes wide open, arms out stretched, and a genuine heart.

Simply put, I want to be a triangle...

***Today I am thankful for triangles and everything they mean to me..."


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