Women's March on Washington...


^^^people even in the trees!^^^
 ^^^i love her!^^^
 ^^^yelling it loud & proud!^^^
 ^^^i love her too!^^^
 ^^^my girl gang!^^^
^^^free the nipples!^^^
I'm afraid I don't have the words possible to describe the immensity of this event and the impact it's had on me. Even as I edited these pictures, I could feel my body tingle with the same excitement I felt during the march from all of the fond memories resurfacing. I hope these images speak to you too and if you were there, or at any of the other marches world wide, I hope they make you tingle too!

***Today I am thankful for the opportunity to have been involved in such a life changing and historical event***




People have been asking me what the triangle tattoo on my wrist means so I thought I'd share. While triangles can have all sorts of meanings, to me it signifies balance. It reminds me to keep both feet rooted securely on the ground below me while still being able to look up into the sky above for inspiration, not getting stuck, not getting lost or overwhelmed.

The triangle structurally is one of the most resilient designs because of it's strong foundation. The last few years I'd been leaning heavily on him for all kinds of emotional and mental support without realizing it and crushed him in the process. I never want that to happen again with anyone. I want to build a strong enough foundation for myself that enables me to stand on my own and be self sufficient, pulling everything I may need from within.

It also means change and serves as a reminder that change doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing or a scary thing. It is an inevitable part of life, an almost certainty you can count on. It can be exciting and an opportunity for growth if I let it be. It's my constant reminder not to runaway from change, but to embrace it instead with eyes wide open, arms out stretched, and a genuine heart.

Simply put, I want to be a triangle...

***Today I am thankful for triangles and everything they mean to me..."


Love, Faith, & Happiness...


To love myself unconditionally above all things... To generate enough love that I never have to depend on anyone or anything to feel loved... To open myself up to receiving love from those that are genuinely offering it... To spread love as much and as often as possible...
To have faith in myself and my abilities... To remember that I'm stronger and way more capable than I give myself credit for... To have faith in my intuition and listen to my gut feeling more often, they are usually right... To not loose faith in others based on negative experiences or interactions...
To live my life in the pursuit of happiness... To only do things that make me truly happy and eliminate those that don't add or take away from my happiness... To cultivate my own happiness, guard it, and protect it because it is very special to me... To be responsible for my happiness and none else's...

My mantra that I adopted while spending time in the desert after a lot of soul searching and reading into Buddhism.

***Today I am thankful for love, faith, and happiness and defining what they mean to me***

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