Weaving Dreams...


 ^^^isn't marryanne moodie just the cutest?!^^^
^^^drinking & weaving^^^
 ^^^her gorgeous examples^^^

I have a kind of an embarrassing confession to make but here goes anyways... I became completely obsessed with the idea of weaving when I came across Marryanne Moodie on instagram. I mean I fell head over heels with her designs, her use of color and texture, pretty much everything really. She was teaching weaving classes in Brooklyn at the time and I remember thinking how jealous I was to be on the opposite coast and also how unlucky it was that I hadn't discovered her while I was living in Brooklyn. One of those funny life things, you know? Anyways, when she started selling beginners weaving kits, I instantly jumped for joy and bought one as quickly as possible. And then it sat in my closet floor for a year (A WHOLE YEAR!) and that my friends is my sad/embarrassing confession.

You see the thing is, I had gotten to a place in my life where I was tapped out of creativity. Sure I could still appreciate and admire creativeness when I encountered it, but left to my own devices, I didn't have it in me to initiate the spark that it required to be re-born. I felt so completely frustrated with myself for not being able to just pick up the loom and start weaving due to lack of inspiration so I just hid it. Then one day Marryanne announced that she was going to be touring to teach classes and L.A. was on the list so I signed up without a second thought. I just knew this was the push I needed/had been waiting for (maybe?) and just went with it. Well I'm happy to share, it worked! It filled my heart and soul with the spark I had been craving, inspired me to the utter most brim and got my creativity flowing again! It felt like a dam had burst and I was finally able to feel that hunger for making things again! So thank you again Marryanne, you have no idea just how much that class meant to me!

***Today I am thankful I got the chance to meet and learn from the lovely marryanne!***


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