Travel Guide: Second Line


 ^^^look at that lil' guy!^^^
 ^^^street cart jambalaya^^^
 ^^^she had killer moves^^^
^^^parading past some colorful houses^^^
 ^^^wink, wink^^^
 ^^^could be related to snoop dog?!^^^
 ^^^people out on their porches to catch the excitement^^^
^^^the parade was in her honor!^^^

Parades and carnivals are pretty much staples when it comes to New Orleans history and culture so it was pretty exciting when we just happened to stumble across one during our visit. I say lucky but apparently they happen pretty frequently around those parts and so maybe not so much luck but awesome city norms. I briefly touched on some of the parade highlights in this post, but felt the need to include more pictures in a separate post of it's own so here you go! This is what I like to call views from a short person participating in her first second line... or something a little less complicated ;)

***Today I am thankful that I got the chance to experience what a second line is all about!***


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