New Orleans in Quotes & Portraits


 "the key to happiness is self preservation. you can't make others happy if you're not happy" -mr. lewis
 "you never really know what a beer tastes like til you get to the end anyways" -rich
"i'm less a cheater, more a believer" -rory
 "i love you because you sound like a pirate!" -kelly
 "i don't want to fuck with the fourth best one" -maude
 "i serve alcohol and food to people, sometimes it gets messy" -chris
"in which hole?" -jackie

Just a random assortment of memorable quotes and the portraits of those that uttered them on a recent trip to New Orleans. Some only make sense if you where there and maybe not even then but all are equally priceless...

***Today I am thankful for having found the courage to ask perfect strangers if I could take their picture, the outcome was awesome!***



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