hat: timberland | cardigan: madewell | overalls: c/o hudson | turtleneck: madewell | sneakers: converse (similar) | lipstick: m.a.c (dare you)

As said to me by a co-worker once "oh, are turtlenecks making a comeback?"

Comeback?! As far as I'm concerned, they never left. Or have I been the only one rocking them for the last five years give or take? Now overalls, those definitely disappeared and I have to admit, I was pretty dead set against them when they started resurfacing. Sure I had a pair or two when I was in middle school and gosh did I love them! But that's exactly what I was afraid of... putting on a pair and feeling childish because let's face it, not much has changed since then in the body department. But working in fashion can have it's perks (aka freebies!) and so once it had been made pretty clear that these things were here to stay, I decided, why not try a pair...

Overalls and turtlenecks... two things that would seemingly never go together and yet somehow, they just work! I think the key to pulling off this look is making sure that the overalls have a more updated silhouette like a skinny fit so they make you feel sexy tomboy and not just pre-pubescent teen. If you're a shorty like me, cropped or rolled cuffs that show some ankle give the allusion of height which I'm all for. Since I was walking all around D.C. in this outfit, I thought I'd keep it casual in some comfy sneakers, further embracing that boyish look. Throw in an oversized grandpa sweater and well, just call me jackie-boy!

***Today I am thankful that tomboy chic is now a thing... because I've totally made it my thing***


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