More Like Goals: 2016 Edition


taken on day 4 of the Inca Trail, 2015

So here it is folks... my 2016 goals after some thought, review of last years goals and consideration. You can see how I made out with last years goals in my review here and just a warning, over all, it wasn't too great. But hey, that's ok because it gives me the chance to improve and that's awesome.

1 | Trust my intuition ---> I've been told by my therapist (yep, I have one and I'll share more on that later) that I have insanely killer intuition and instincts. I'm actually so sensitive (both a blessing and a curse) that I can easily read people and pick up on their overall vibe after a short meeting. Now I'm not saying that I don't get it wrong sometimes, but after a lifetime of experience, more often than not, I've found myself thinking "If only I had trusted my inner gut feeling about this person." Only problem is that I also suffer from this thing called being way too nice and always wanting/needing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. The old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" rings over and over in my head, making me feel guilty for my initial feelings and so I override them. This has caused me so many unnecessary headaches and heartaches due to letting people in I had initially been weary of but chosen to give a chance to anyways. So this year I'm going to really try and learn to trust my initial gut feeling about people. If I'm not feeling it or something makes me uneasy about someone, I'm just not going to put the effort in that I normally would have and let it be. Of course I'll still always be super nice to everyone, just prioritize who gets my energy because that stuff is valuable! As I get older I've come to realize that what I want in my life is quality friends, not necessarily quantity.

2 | Focus more on me ---> Take two! I made some initial baby steps on this last year which is a start, but not nearly enough for my liking. Moving into my thirties, I feel like I'm all about self discovery these day. Or rather, re-self discovery. I know who I was in my early twenties but life has had all kinds of ups and downs since then, that my constant quest to find this twentysomething year old version of me has been a failed attempt. Thinking about things, it makes sense because I'm not that girl anymore. By focusing on me, I hope to discover what this girl likes, what makes her tick, what makes her feel more alive and passionate than she could've possibly imagined. I want to try everything, push myself more and take many leaps of faith. I know I'm a creative individual, this will always be true, but what are the new passions in my life that really light a fire inside of me and keep me going for days? I don't know, but ready to find out! #ichoosemefirstgoshdarnit

3 | Make time for love ---> Oh love, so easy when it's new and exciting, it barely needs much tending to. But what about love after the years have gone past, the daily grind sets in and life just constantly gets in the way? It's pretty easy to put it on the back burner and assume it'll be fine. But I'm not ok with that. I want to make a conscious effort this year to make more time for love. It's not always easy because hubs and I have such hectic schedules sometimes, but I also know it'll be worth it. And there are so many ways to show love, be it dating, doing the little things for each other or simply saying it aloud. After reading The 5 Love Languages (also the first book I've fully read in nearly 5 years!), I feel so inspired to bring the love in full force back into our relationship in as many ways as possible.

4 | Cook with purpose ---> I'm pretty sure I've had cooking on my list in past years, but never had much luck with it. Something that's changed in this new year is the way I look at cooking. My goal has shifted into what I call cooking with purpose. What I mean by this is that when I focus on cooking for a bigger, more meaningful purpose to me, I feel more inspired and am more likely to stick with it. Dealing with bouts of depression, anxiety and other symptoms that come along with those things has lead me on a quest to research ways nutrition can help. I stumbled across this book and it's been a game changer! I find myself looking forward to trying new recipes and have even come to see it as a creative outlet and a time for meditation. It's incredible to me how the same thing I once considered a chore has changed once my perspective on it shifted. Now I know that once I start working again it'll be another challenge to juggle it in but since I'm determined to make this a lifestyle change, I'm optimistic that I'll be able to figure it out.

5 | Become a yes woman ---> We've all read the book or watched the movie right? Pretty inspiring stuff! I usually get nervous when it comes to doing new things or putting myself out of my comfort zone but I'm determined to change that this year! I want to become a yes woman (within reason of course) because every time I have done something I've been initially hesitant about in the past, I'm always so happy I did it afterwards. So let's bring on the new experiences and take some chances this year. If you're in the LA area and read my blog, feel free to reach out to hang out! Who knows, maybe I'll finally solo karaoke this year, maybe...

6 | Be more active ---> This would normally be titled do more running but because it's been such a touch and go thing in the last few years and I don't want to pigeon hole myself into anything, I thought it would be better to focus on being more active in general. I want to do more physical things... running, cycling, hiking, rock climbing... indoors, outdoors, in groups, solo... any which way really. I've discovered that I'm truly my happiest self when my body is being challenged and pushed to new limits. Climbing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was the proof I needed and a reminder of something I think I already knew deep down inside. I'm not the sort of person that is happy with just sitting around and being. Seeing what my body is capable of never ceases to amaze me, especially since I've never considered myself much of an athletic person. But this little ol' body of mine is a miraculous vehicle that allows me to do so much and especially when my mind is on board. So this year we will work together because really what it comes down to is an infinite circle of being active makes my brain happy which in turn makes me happy which then motivates me to be more active.

7 | Travel even more ---> So this was one of the few that I really nailed last year but that's no reason to stop. I've been bitten by the travel bug and am ready to see more of the world! This year I want to focus on finding ways to incorporate travel into my work since a girl's gotta make a living and what not. My ultimate goal would be to visit Cuba this year and explore the other half of my roots as well as fit in as many weekend trips as humanly possible. I also like the idea of incorporating some sort of physical challenge with most of my traveling. Maybe it's a race or a bike ride or a hike. All I know is that my memories of Peru have more meaning to them and will most likely last longer longer thanks to the Inca Trail quest. There is just so much to explore out there and I want to see, document and share it all with you guys!

8 | Read more ---> So Gone Girl will be read this year!!! There, I'm putting it out there for the world to see and so it has to happen now or I'll never live it down. But aside from that, rather than stress out about the number of books I'll read, I've decided that an easier way to incorporate reading might be by creating a daily must read list of blogs I find inspiring and motivating. Some of my favorites of the moment include The Yellow Blog, Create & Cultivate Blog, Darling Magazine Blog, Dave Trott Blog (actually recommended by hubs), and Madewell Blog. The real beauty about these blogs is that they tend to post once daily or every few days so it's not overwhelming and the articles are easier to digest than say tackling a book. I'm looking forward to creating a routine out of this while I sip my morning coffee and I get to embrace a little me time as well. I love that this will allow me to have access to multiple topics of conversation while also allowing me  to re-engage with blogs like I once did. I may add or change my list up as different things peek my interest or become known to me. And as far as book reading goes, I'm just going to let that fall in wherever it may fit when the time is right.

9 | Continue reaching out to loved ones ---> I started last year and I'm kicking it into high gear this year! Making friends in a new city takes time and I've come to terms with that. While I'm still working on that too (see becoming a yes woman above) I've come to realize the importance in maintaining those friendships so dear to me and although they may be far away, I have a killer group of loved ones in my tribe. Reconnecting more through texts, phone calls, skype dates and even snail mail has made such a difference in the last year so why not keep it up? This year I'm also trying to plan some more visits back home and girls weekends so we can all come together and create new memories. It's funny when you realize that you already have the best of friends, they just aren't geographically close but with today's technology, there really are no excuses hu?

10 | Become a ukulele guru ---> Not really but it's no secret that I took up playing last year and LOVED it! I was pretty good about it too while I was taking classes but once that ended, so did my ukulele playing. Not sure why it stopped, but I've really been missing it! It's such a fun skill that both pleases my need to learn and be creative so what's the problem? I guess just time and not keeping it high on the priority list but I want to change that this year. I signed up for beginners lever (again) to kick start my playing (I've always been the good student) and intend to keep it going to the next level! Who knows, maybe my fantasy of starting a band and touring the world while playing my ukulele can become a real thing? Anyone interested in joining the band, let me know!

***Today I am thankful for these new goals of mine... I'm ready kick some ass!***


More Like Goals: 2015 Review


taken at Machu Picchu, 2015

It's that time of the year again... goal making time! I wish I could say that the reason I've waited until now to post about this is because I wanted to be thorough and really think this through, but that's not true. I mean, I did do those things but that's not the main reason for such a delay in talking or even sharing about it. Or I wish I could say it's because I wanted to be a rebel and not jump on the band wagon that is every other blog hyping up resolutions towards the end/beginning of the year. And while this may also be true in a round about way, again, it's not the main reason. Truth is, I don't have one. I got a slow start to the year and have been taking my time getting comfortable and observing life before feeling ready to really embrace it and join in. I even decided to read last year's goals post and do some reflecting before deciding on what to tackle this new year. So let's do a quick review to see how I did and remember, I'm only human, I'm not perfect and that's just a ok!

1 | Focus more on me ---> I had the best intentions but I'm not quite sure I nailed this one. I know for sure that life, work and some individuals got the best of me and made me loose focus but hey, there's always this year right?!

2 | Date more often and spontaneously ---> Again, I think we tried, we really, REALLY tried but you know what I'm gonna say... life, work, yada-yada. But I'm not ready to give up on this one just yet so...

3 | Travel more ---> YES! Nailed this one for sure! Besides doing some really cool weekend trips that I photographed the bagezus out of with the intentions of blogging about, I also crossed a major one off the bucket list. You might have noticed the caption below the picture above saying something about it being taken in Machu Picchu... boom! Because yes, I did in fact quit my day job and actually do it and man oh man did it feel great/I have zero regrets. Posts about this (and the other trips) coming scattered throughout this year because why not share?

4 | Become a morning person ---> Not just failed, I think I may have even regressed if that's possible. See the thing is that I've been battling depression (more on that later) and when those low times hit, it takes just about everything in me to even make it out of bed some days. But again, nothing that can't be worked on :)

5 | Be outdoors more often ---> I think this one was somewhat accomplished because of the long weekend trips I mentioned above but I could have definitely made more of an effort incorporating it into my everyday life. But baby steps, we all have to start somewhere so I'm pleased with last year's efforts.

6 | Blog more frequently and more honestly ---> With a whopping 12 posts last year, this one was another fail. I thought blogging more honestly would make it easier to blog more often but it was a lot harder than I expected. Not that I didn't want to share the truth, but at times I felt so raw, I just couldn't. Again, that's ok and I'm ready to open back up and start sharing again (I think) so let's see how this year goes...

7 | Look my best to feel my best ---> I'm happy to report that I do think I successfully pushed this one, even through the sad times so yay me! I feel like my style, due in part to the things I've been through and just me changing as I age, has evolved. I feel like I finally (FINALLY!) found the real me and can't wait to share with you guys. Hopefully I can inspire some of you to really hone in on yours...

8 | Read more ---> Ok, I'm not going to admit that I still haven't finished Gone Girl because it's just kind of ridiculous at this point... Nor will I admit that I joined a book club and bought more books, none of which I finished... I'm just not.

9 | Reach out to those I love ---> So this one was a slow starter and a painful one at that but I did it. And you know what? It felt so incredibly good to re-connect with some of my favorites and I can't even begin to understand why I thought it would be so scary or didn't do it sooner. This year I'm gonna tackle people in person (not literally) and I'm excited about it!

10 | Start running again ---> Well I started... and then I stopped. And then I started again and was a little more consistent, until I wasn't. And repeat that through out the year and it basically sums up my running. I just wasn't feeling it and forcing myself to run made me feel frustrated rather than uplifted, so I stopped...

So there we have it folks, me and my goals under the microscope for the world to examine. After reviewing, I have to admit two things:

1. I never re-read last year's post or reviewed my goals throughout the year to see how I was doing, not even once. I think this year I'll definitely go back and check in from time to time to see what needs more work and what's coming along finely.

2. Reading it now and seeing my short comings hasn't been easy. But I've decided to look at it as an opportunity to grow and learn from rather than to get bummed out about it. In 2015 I wobbled a bit but I believe that it will only help me walk stronger in 2016.

How did you guys do on your own personal goals and/or resolutions last year? Did any of you guys check in throughout the year to see how you were doing or did you forget like me? Feel free to share your experiences and your 2016 goals in the comments, I'm always curious to know! Also stay tuned for my 2016 goals coming shortly...

***Today I am thankful for another chance to work on things... we will get this!***


A Lovely Month: January Edition


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***Today I am thankful for a new year and a new perspective on life... let's do this 2016!***

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