M Says I Do!


 ^^^isn't she just a doll?!^^^
 ^^^lost some tears right about here^^^
 ^^^one of my long time favorites!^^^
 ^^^pda alert!^^^
 ^^^ her daddy serenaded the newlyweds with the saxophone!^^^
 ^^^my east coast girls^^^

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to witness love conquer distance and time yet again! One of my college besties said I do to her love of over a decade. Maybe I have an extra soft spot for their story because it rings so close to my own. American girl meets boy with an accent (this one's German though) and falls head over heels, madly and senselessly in love. Yes, there were many years of hardship and more obstacles to overcome than most young love should have to endure... but they stood the trial of time and distance, making their relationship all the stronger. And so the rest is history and now a new chapter in their romance begins, one where they get to live in the same country! And believe me when I say no one could be happier for the newlyweds than me. I love you both :)

***Today I am thankful that I was able to witness another one of my best friends get married... she was beautiful and he so handsome***

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