Happy Birthday Papi!


i'll always be a daddy's girl...

Happy (a day late) birthday to the kindest, most generous, giving, and (sometimes) patient man I know. I have lived my life up until this point with you in mind as I make decisions and carve my own way on this crazy journey we call life. Everything you've taught me is engraved in my mind and organically put into practice on a daily basis. Sometimes I hear your voice in my head as I'm about to make not the smartest of choices... like that time I decided to take in a cat off the streets in the midst of a crazy work schedule, a strained marriage, and the fact that technically, I'm not allowed to have pets in my apartment. "No te compliques tu vida Jackeline" which is what you call me when you're being serious or I'm in trouble. I can probably count on my hands the times you've called me by my full name and it's not because I've always been a good girl, it's because that's just how understanding you are. I turn to you for advice and guidance or sometimes just a simple hug will do the trick. I'm never homesick until I think about the distance between us (and mami!) and sometimes find myself at a loss for words to describe just how important you are to me. Even now I write this in english only because it makes it a little bit easier to express the love I feel for you. I will continue to live my life with you in mind, hoping that I am always able to make you proud. I wish so badly that I could have been there to celebrate your special day, and although I may never move back to Miami (never say never) I can at least promise you that I'm figuring out a way to move back to the east coast and closer to home. I love you today and always, happy birthday papi! 

***Today I am thankful for my papi, he would move heaven and earth for me if he could and for that I am ever grateful***


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