Dating LA: No. 2


 ^^^going up!^^^
 ^^^i could easily live in the clouds^^^
 ^^^the prettiest shades of blue ever^^^
 ^^^his serious business, co-pilot face^^^
 ^^^just a wee bit excited over here^^^
 ^^^our mini plane^^^
 ^^^apparently that's how gas is pumped into planes^^^
 ^^^the sea or the sky?^^^
 ^^^never ending grid^^^

Date number two in our Dating LA series was hub's turn and he opted for the surprise route. All I was told was to dress warm enough for an outdoor activity (yes LA has finally, somewhat, sometimes cooled off) and in layers so I would have the option to remove some if necessary. We got up bright and early to head off to the Santa Monica Airport, at which point I suspected the date involved either a small plane or a hot air balloon ride... but still, hubs would not budge! And with good reason as I was right about the small airplane part. A co-worker of hubs recently got his pilot's license and now eagerly needs to log in hours, something I'm sure we'll be taking full advantage of! Yes we trusted him, and I'm so glad we did since the experience was incredible. I've been on too many planes in my lifetime to keep track and yet somehow, this was completely different. For starters, this plane was a three seater! Ok maybe we could squeeze in a fourth but that's really about it. Hubs sat co-pilot and it was kind of surreal to be able to see all the instruments on the dashboard. We also had to wear headphones with little microphones attached to them to be able to hear each other over the loud roaring engine. Take-off and landing were surprisingly not scary, which they sometimes are to me on big planes. And maybe because the plane was so small, it felt like I was actually flying in the sky... like I was a part of the sky myself! Doesn't make much sense? I guess it's because when you're in a big plane, after a while you forget you're even in the air because you're so detached from it all. Not in this little guy though, I felt it all and I mean that in the best possible way! I couldn't stop grinning and mouthing to hubs- "best date ever!" Flying over the mountains made me completely forget about the rough work week I had just been through. I mean how can much else matter when you're floating through the air on possibly the most beautiful day ever right?! In that moment I felt so free and all my worries seemed so small in comparison to what I was experiencing. We flew to another mini airport north of where we started (I can't remember the name) and had brunch with our pilot/friend. Another first on this date, having a chaperon... just kidding. But it was fun to share this with someone obviously just as passionate about flying as we were. On the way back we took the coastal route and that was breathtaking too! The shades of blue and where sky and sea melted together were just so beautiful and try as I might, I still don't think those pics up there quite do them justice. I'm not really sure how I'm going to top this one guys... I may have to get creative. This is something I definitely recommend for anyone that likes adventure and isn't scared of flying (for obvious reasons). We were lucky that a friend of ours took us but I'm sure you could find pilots that regularly take people out. If not, my advice is to find a friend with a pilots license and needs to log in the hours ;)

***Today I am thankful for the chance to fly in a mini plane... it was just beyond words!^^^


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