A Lovely Month: August Edition


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Possibly the most shameless month recap in the history of monthly recaps (on my end anyways) and yep, I'm so sharing August when we are so nearly done with September. But hey, at least my calendar reflects the current month and that's always great right?! So August... it was so long ago that it's getting fuzzy and hard to remember. But if my Instagram feed is anything to go by (and please know it's not the most accurate account of my life, just the edited version) it seems to have been a good one. There was meeting up with old college friends that were traveling through which was nice and also a little surreal. Realizing that the last time we had seen each other had been at my wedding... which forced me to realize that it was nearly four years ago... which in turn lead me to realize it's been over seven years since I graduated college... that then smacked me right in the face with the fact that we are all turning 30 next year... THIRTY! I mean, I can't even. So I won't...

I also went and saw Arcade Fire with hubs and the gang and that was amazing! They are just so good and I nearly leaped for joy (and slight drunkenness) when they played some of my old favorites like Keep the Car Running, which also made me very aware of old I am. Hubs was the one that introduced me to them back when we were courting. Ha! more like awkwardly dating but not really admitting it since neither of us wanted to acknowledge that we had fallen for each other despite the fact that we lived oceans apart. But courting sounds way more romantic so we'll leave it at that. August was the month of reflection, meditating, and just being still. I tried really hard with all sorts of things. From pampering myself, to anti-gravity yoga, to taking in more sunsets than I can remember. It was all very good for the soul which is in turn is good for my mind and heart. I also found myself re-decorating and de-cluttering. Two things I do when I 'm feeling unsettled. Surround yourself with beauty, whatever that might be for you, and it can work wonders a know. I guess that's why I'm always buying flowers too (I am my mother's daughter after all)... they just fill any space with instant positive energy and good vibes. They also smell nice which is a plus. I tired jumping back on the fitness bandwagon which was going strong about a week or two and then life got in the way. Silly things like work and late hours. So I settled for good food and great company. It's a balancing act that I don't know if I'll ever quite master. And thinking about it now it's pretty ridiculous of me to try seeing as how I don't have the best balance in general. I love hard, I work passionately, I give it my all till I have nothing left to go give, and spread myself thin (the ever people pleaser)... sigh. I read somewhere (or heard somewhere) something about there not being such a thing as the perfect work-life balance. I can't really remember it and I'm probably already butchering it but you get the idea. Trying to achieve that perfect balance in life is like trying to find a unicorn. Some may claim to achieve it but few will have proof. Anyways, enough late night philosophy from me. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how I want to view things), I've got work in the early morning so I best be getting myself to bed.

***Today I am thankful for mythical unicorns... lovely in theory but do they actually exist is my question*** 


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