A Lovely Month: June Edition


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Update on the whole calendar situation I had going on last month (in case you care)... you'll be happy to know that the month on display actually matches the current month! Ok, well it will, just as soon as I finish this post and that my friends is progress. June flew by didn't it?! They all seem to be really but I mean June REALLY disappeared in the blink of an eye! This happens every month... every year... and yet somehow, I always manage to be surprised and caught off guard. Anyways, June was a fun one! It was filled with a lot of cocktail hours at the Beale household and I finally sampled Aperol, a new fave of hubs. His proclaimed summer drink, perfect to thirst quench but not too heavy to spoil an appetite. There were also pineapples involved this month, in many forms. In case you've been living under a rock or something, pineapples are huge right now! I'm talking this season's polka-dot, pineapple is the new stripe, this summer's super fruit and what not. Funny how sometimes the most unusual things become so trendy it's like they are re-born all together. There's also this whole donut trend that's right at pineapples' heels (national donut day anyone?) but my money is on the spiky one. Work has been work... a lot of research and switching gears into summer (hence all my trend comments) and me feeling more and more comfortable which is always nice. Beyonce aka my car for those that didn't know (I named her that) got her very first drive through car wash in LA ever and it was about time! She had all kinds of sand (both beach and desert) on her from all the fun we've been having together. But really, it was time. Even hubs was starting to make comments how dirty she was considering what a clean freak I am. Guess you always have something that slips and she was that for me until recently. I do have a good tip for you all, champagne (I think that's her color) cars are the best at concealing dirty hands down. There's this poor white mustang that was just as dirty but looked a million times worse and got all this abuse finger written all over it.

Sorry for all the tangents tonight... it is late and all.

Moving right along, hubs and I had a movie date night at Cinespia which I totally raved about in this post so I won't again... I had some puppy love and some of the sloppiest kisses ever! That up there is Maggie which hubs fell head over heels for and promptly renamed Bacon Bits which I prefer. He is pretty certain we are ready, I however, am still on the fence about this whole puppy situation. I think I may be more of a cat person, who knew?! Another exciting moment this month was attending The Brand Market workshop (post here) which was beyond inspiring. I got to hear from the loveliest of women, each sharing their tips on how to be successful entrepreneurs. One day I'll stop being scared and just do it... which is what inspired the engraved message on my Giving Key- be brave. A simple but important reminder to myself that I wear close to my heart pretty much daily. Oh yea, and there were actual beach days this month too which for someone who lives somewhat close to the beach, I never go. That's one of my goals for July... make more effort to get down there because you know, once I'm sat on the sand with that salty air in my face, life feels so good. And that my friends, is a wrap!

***Today I am thankful for the every day... life has been good lately!***


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