Pool Party...


 ^^^this girl is the bomb-diggity!^^^
 ^^^the cutest couple ever!^^^
 ^^^that's my momma!^^^

So my parents recently (well, in the last few years) had that dream pool installed in our back yard, complete with tiki-hut (bar included, of course!), and swaying hammock. You know, that pool that little k and I had been begging for since about as long as I can remember... that we could've enjoyed year round thanks to the sweltering heat that is Miami. Our house after all always has been (and continues to be) the hang out house. Oh the pool parties that could've been! But I guess that's just what happens when the baby chicks leave the nest and you're left with all this time (and probably disposable income) on your hands... you build that dream pool you always wanted. Though I do wish this fabulous pool had come about sooner, I have to admit I am enjoying her plenty with each visit home. It's like staying at a hotel only better because here they know your favorite foods and stock the fridge with them just for you! Mint chocolate chip ice cream and black beans (duh, not together), um yes please! Of course one of the advantages to the pool happening later on in life is being able to take full advantage of that tiki-hut bar. And the cherry on top, when it's my dad passing the rounds of cuba libres and margaritas! And that was pretty much Memorial weekend for hubs and I, a massive on-going pool party with some of my favorite people... like M that drove down just to see me!

***Today I am thankful for the beautiful pool my parents recently built... better late than never eh?!***


  1. That looks like such a rollicking time. Kudos to you for getting to spend that time with your family. That should be one family trip worth revisiting. I hope you get to enjoy more times like that. All the best!

    Matt Grant @ Pool Service Perth

  2. Swimming can keep your heart rate up, but it takes some of the impact stress off of your body. It can also build endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. With those benefits, I’m sure your parents would definitely enjoy their newly constructed swimming pool. Anyway, having a new pool today is better than not having one at all, right? Congrats for the new pool! Enjoy!

    Peter Weiderman @ Guardian Pools



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