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 ^^^he looked like a regular^^^
 ^^^her sunday ritual perhaps?^^^

In a true genuine effort to give this crazy place I've now been calling home for over a year a chance (I'm looking at you LA!), I've been making it a point to do more stuff. You know, see... eat... hear... shop LA even! I figure it's a win-win since I need content to blog about anyways and this will force me out around town right?! Hopefully it can help others that are trying to connect with this funny city... or tourists needing a city guide. At the very least it will be a continuation of life as mrs. beale and that suits me just fine.

Anyways... sorry for the rambling and back to Raes! It's a really cute little diner with your typical diner food. It's not gourmet or anything but it certainly hits the spot! A big plus, they serve breakfast all day long so it's perfect for Sunday brunch. As you can imagine, we all ordered breakfast because why else would you go to a diner after 12pm on a Sunday?! It's also ridiculously cheap so how could you not stop in? I'm talking three of us ate for less than $30 ridiculously cheap! Which reminds me, it's cash only so... This also happens to be one of the few authentic diners left from the 50's which is kind of cool. I also really enjoyed people watching while waiting for the food to arrive. There were all kinds of characters in there... everything from what I suspect to be regulars to tourists. A lady sat a booth over from us nearly had her eyes bulge out of her head when she heard hubs and R's british accents. I guess maybe they don't get a lot foreigners? It was so funny and she just couldn't stop herself from staring, even when I caught her eye and smiled. I guess not everyone is used British accents? Another fun fact, a ton of movies have featured this little gem because of it's unique charm. Remember my last post about Cinespia, I mentioned that a certain diner was featured in Swingers... well this was it! After some googling (is that even a word?) I also discovered Rae's has been in many other films like Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, Starsky & Hutch, and The Next Best Thing just to name a few. I would definitely recommend this place to locals and tourists alike!

***Today I am thankful for the perfect little diner that just happens to be cycling distance from ours***


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