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 ^^^alfred that is^^^
 ^^^skulls on my knees was appropriate considering the location^^^ 
 ^^^so serene^^^
 ^^^the packaging spoke to me^^^

Last weekend hubs and I went on a date to watch an outdoor screening of Swingers via Cinespia. For those of you that are local, or perhaps visiting this summer, I highly recommend checking this out! Basically the viewing is held at Hollywood Forever Cemetery where a ton of hollywood legends now rest in peace. I have to admit, I was pretty aware of how surrounded by dead people we were to begin with but I soon got over it. They'll be showing old movies all summer long and I'm sure we'll squeeze in another... or five! Believe it or not, neither of us had seen this film before and it was the perfect light hearted comedy for a summer evening in a graveyard. I've always enjoyed watching movies featuring my current city and now that we're living in LA, I'm all about films shot in here. I have fun trying to recognize places... like the diner they eat in at one point, it's in Santa Monica and we've totally eaten there! That post coming up sometime in the near future so stay tuned. My advice to have a fantastic time, come early as seating is first come and fills up fast! You can also bring low chairs which we did because hubs is getting too old to sit on the ground for long periods of time (true story!) but I have to admit, it was so worth it! Bring layers and blankets since LA is known for it's chilly summer nights and no one wants to shiver all night in a cemetery. You're also able to bring in food and beverages so picnic style is so the way to do this. We sipped rose wine from plastic red solo imitation cups... you know, the reusable version of the already reusable cup because we're sooooo hipster. You can fancy it up if  you like or not... just don't forget a bottle opener if you opt for non screw tops. Also the skulls on my knees was totally by accident but seemed to be fitting don't you think? I had such a fun night and there's nothing like laughing out loud with a few hundred people (I think) when the funny stuff happens.

***Today I am thankful summer events like these that are helping fall for LA***


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