A Very Belated Xmas Post...


 ^^^this little lady is the cutest!^^^
 ^^^love this girl!^^^
^^^little guy is getting old^^^

This is way beyond late... I mean I'm posting about Xmas well into the middle of February and who does that anyways?! Apparently I do because as well as being an avid procrastinator, I am also a creature of habit and felt like I couldn't move on without sharing some of my favorite tidbits from the holidays so here you go.

On a side note, sorry to have unexpectedly been absent from this space. Life got a little complicated last month and I've been coping with some stuff. It's a bit personal and I'm still debating whether or not I want to share it on here. I do want to keep this space honest but sometimes it takes a little time to work through things and it's easier done privately. Anyways, I am doing better now and hope to be posting more regularly again. I sure have been missing this space but sometimes you just have to lay low for a while, ya know? Hope you all have been well and looking forward to catching up!

***Today I am thankful for the chance to look back on these lovely memories... hope you enjoy them too!***

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