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Now I know we are well into December folks... and I also know that most people have replaced thoughts of pumpkin and turkey with candy canes and xmas trees... but bare with me as I recap life that happened way too quickly for my liking! You see after the frenzy that was my non stop baking for the pumpkin series, everything just kind of blurred together. There was eating... A LOT of eating. There was sleeping in and being unreasonably lazy... except that with all the eating it was pretty reasonable. And there was enjoying quality time with friends where the unexpected happened pretty often... like shooting vegetables out of homemade guns and spur of the moment backyard concerts. Gotta love the holidays hu?! This little video is just a clip of a song and some random events that took place on our Thanksgiving. I am terrible and forgot to get the name of these lovely ladies but will try to fix that! To be honest, I don't really remember it that well... like a foggy dream through the turkey induced coma because we, ladies and gentlemen had not one, not two, but THREE different kinds of turkey at our potluck Thanksgiving/Birthday. You see it was a pair of twin's (new friends) birthday that just happened to land on the grand day of feasting and so we celebrated both... big! The food was magnificent and can I just say I finally found brussels sprouts worth eating! Oh and a little side note, I kept going on and on all week about pot luck this and pot luck that and hubs finally turned to me asked in a most solemn of ways- "what's a potluck?" There aren't that many surprises after being together for over eight years... but then every once in a while, hubs will say something like this and remind me all over again that he's British. This year I was very thankful for new friends that took us in as we are the orphans over here in LA. I was also very thankful for skype which allowed me to see my family on the East coast and with only three hours time difference as opposed to our previous eight! And of course I am thankful for hubs and the new traditions we are starting together as a family like pumpkin pancakes on morning of because they just rock. I feel like such a lucky lady as I know I have much to be thankful for. I hope to remember this year round and not just when turkeys are around.

***Today I am thankful for the 3 delicious types of turkey that all made there way into my belly... a little late but still worth mentioning!***


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