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Greetings from Miami! Sorry for the unexpected silence around these parts, it seems like life after Thanksgiving just sped on by! Between work, xmas gift shopping, buying our first big tree, baking non stop, packing, flying, celebrating, eating, drinking (hello mulled wine!), and just simply napping it out, I may have forgotten about this little space just a tad bit. But I have to admit, it has felt really great to put all technology (ok not all, I've still been instagraming) on hold for a while and really soak in all the festivities. I just thought I'd pop in to share a few photos from an impromptu photobooth that I had the brilliant idea of installing at this years noche buena, aka xmas eve. Of course none of this would have possible without the help of hubs (the camera guy), my dad (the light guy), and little k (our first test subject)... so thank you guys!!! And also thank you all you lovely readers for letting me share a little piece of what has made this a truly special xmas. Hope you and your loved ones had as merry of a time as I did. Be back soon with some more holiday posts. But until then, you can probably find me curled up in a blanket with a warm glass of homemade mulled wine.

***Today I am thankful for the creative minds that helped make this photobooth a success... it's also those same minds that put up with my genius ideas***


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