Through The Looking Glass...


 ^^^hooray for sun flares!^^^
 ^^^lovely reflections^^^
^^^pink skies^^^

Around 4ish I noticed some of my coworkers sneakily walking up to various windows around our office building... camera phones in hand... secretive smiles on their faces. Intrigued (and bored), I asked what they were up to and the response was something right up my alley. M had figured out a way to take pictures of the stunning views through our windows. I know, it sounds kind of ridiculous... like what could be so complicated about that right? The things is, while we are surrounded by stunning views and get to witness the most majestic sunsets L.A. has to offer, the million office lights, monitor lights, etc. create for some crazy glares and reflections when trying to take pictures. Something that when you let your imagination run with and can lead to some pretty great photos like this one and this one, but still it's frustrating when what you really want is to just capture what's going on through the looking glass. So M's revolutionary and mind blowing trick, lay your smart phone flush up against the window and that eliminates all and any glare/reflection... genius! The results are breathtaking (except for the last one with some minor reflection that I think still looks pretty rad) and sure it helps that we are lucky enough to work on the 25th floor of a building that has floor to ceiling windows. It's easy to forget and take for granted but 'm happy to say that today was one of those few days were I stopped... I mean working and thinking and whatever other nonsense usually distracts me from these gorgeous views, and took it all in. If you could have seen us, the lot of us running around from window to window (as you can probably imagine, there are A LOT of windows), each of us trying to capture what we saw through every angle imaginable. It was so refreshing and exhilarating and it really reminded me that I need to stop sweating the small stuff. I mean how can I when things far more important and beautiful surround me at all times. I just have to remember to really look.

- iPhone 5, Untreated

***Today I am thankful for the breathtaking views I get to enjoy from my window... sigh!^^^


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