Pumpkin In A Box...


 ^^^how cute are those socks!^^^

I have been waiting eagerly to be able to post this seasonal care package... pumpkin in a box if you will... that I sent over to my dear friend K who is still an expat living across the pond. And if you know me, I'm not the kind to be able to keep secrets like this one quiet for long. I'm the one that get's overly excited and posts about birthday presents and x-mas gifts before they are given... I blame instagram! I just can't help myself! I mean, I can keep a secret when need be... but when it comes to things like these, I blab!

It feels like only yesterday the K's and I were gathered at an American diner in London (of course) opening our own care package full of pumpkiny delights from S... the first one to fly the coop. I've told you all how my pumpkin obsession began from sheer homesickness and how I honestly thought it would have subsided being back in the States but it hasn't. In fact, thanks to places like Target (conveniently located across my work) I believe my obsession has been fueled even further and taken to the next level. Man oh man, we Americans take the hat when it comes to holidays and turning anything imaginable into a flavor that fits the theme of the moment. I just knew that it was my duty as a fellow American friend back on home turf to send K all of the pumpkiny goodies I had found because it sure had expanded from last years treats!

This box included the following (in case you care): candy corn (traditional & chocolate), candy pumpkin, m&m's (candy corn, pumpkin spiced, & peanut butter), seasonal flavored jelly beans (one of which was toasted marshmallow!), pumpkin spice heresy's kisses, candy corn oreos, pumpkin marshmallow peeps, peanut butter pumpkin snickers bar, pumpkin spice coffee (dunkin donuts of course), mini candy corn erasers, a felt pumpkin (for decor purposes), and possibly the cutest halloween socks ever!

So if this box doesn't instantly scream "happy pumpkiny Halloween" when you open it living an ocean away from home, than I don't know what would! I'm happy to share that K got her goodies and like a best friend indeed, immediately instagramed it. And that tot of hers, well she was rocking the festive socks and hugging the pumpkin spice coffee bag, proving that she is definitely more American than Brit, phew!

P.S. everything pictured was bought at Target and although it might look it, trust me when I say it is not a sponsored post (I wish!)... I am just that obsessed and making up for lost Target shopping trips.

***Today I am thankful for Target... you really helped make this pumpkin treat possible!***


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