^^^spicy tuna dip^^^
 ^^^saikoro steak^^^
 ^^^scallop shumai^^^
 ^^^lobster roll^^^
 ^^^santa monica pier^^^

So our three year anniversary quickly approached and in true Beale fashion, we had no real plans. I mean, we had pretty much decided to keep it low key since it was after all, a school (work) day and we jointly splurged on a leather gift for this year, but still we knew we wanted to celebrate even in the smallest of ways. Traditionally (as in the previous two years) we had celebrated with Indian since were lucky enough to be spoiled by some of the best curry places in all of London living where we did. But unfortunately, good Indian (yes we are a bit snobby when it comes to this cuisine) is hard to come by out here. So we switched it up this year with  Japanese fusion restaurant Musha and were pleasantly surprised!

It was rated highly among Zagat, Urban Spoon, and other such websites (yes we are foodies that usually check out reviews) and so we felt pretty confident about our choice. After trying to make reservations and failing (it's that popular of a place even on a Thursday night!), we opted to try our luck as walk ins. Would you believe me if I said we were sat immediately?!? Because we were! Must have been anniversary luck or something because that just NEVER happens to us! The place itself is not at all what I was expecting... it's on the smallish, or shall we say intimate, side of things. The decor matched the vibe of the place, somewhere to really unwind and focus on great food. Their menu is a mixture of authentic and original tapa style dishes and so of course, we just had to pick a bunch to share. It's one of my favorite ways of eating out with hubs since he's much more the adventurer type when it comes to ordering. I can easily get stuck in a rut and happily order the same thing time after time. Satisfying, perhaps... but not very exciting hu? I listed some of the dishes we ordered above and highly recommend them all since I loved each and every dish we tried! One of the coolest was definitely the saikoro steak where you grill your own meat at the table. It gets a little smokey but way worth it for that char grilled taste!

Our waiter, also known as Mr. Dan the Man was really helpful in helping us order, suggesting some of his favorites... and that Dan the Man, he did us good! It was such a fun night and I especially loved getting to try new things with hubs... it's one of my all time favorite things about marriage I'm finding, sharing new experiences together. We caught up which was really nice and so refreshing to do without all the distractions that come with being at home... tv, computer, phones, etc. I will most definitely be insisting in some more dinner dates in the future! It was also really nice to have an excuse to dress up and sip on some wine... and that hubs of mine, he cleans up nice! Funnily enough, the couple sat next to us were talking about marriage and I overheard the guy saying how he didn't see any real reason to get married while she desperately searched for reasons worth marrying. Oh sigh, I wanted to tell him that marrying to get married was most certainly not worth it... but when you find the right person, your best friend and soul mate (holy mush overload, I know!) it's as natural as breathing fresh air. I'm filled with so much love and pride every time I get to announce hubs as my mister... and I know, marriage might not be for everyone but it suits us perfectly.

After dinner we had a nice romantic stroll along the beach and ended up at the pier which was nice. It smelled of fresh fish in that good you're out at sea and catching your dinner sort of way... what can I say, I grew up around fishing so for some weird reason, the smell is comforting to me. The sea and ocean merged beautifully together in darkness and only the bouncing reflection of the pier lights danced across the waves. Also glimmering proudly was the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel in all it's red, white, and blue glory. And what made this perfect night even better you might ask? When hubs didn't mind meeting up with an old friend of mine from my NYC days that was only in town for the night and I hadn't seen in years... that my friends, is a good man!

***Today I am thankful for a great three years with the love of my life... he really is my best friend***


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