The Balance..


Well hello there long lost strangers! Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted... completely unintentional but you know, sometimes life happens and gets in the way of all the fun stuff we would much rather be doing... like blogging. Work and life in general it seems has been a lot crazier than usual and I've been struggling with trying to find a work/life balance that I'm happy with. Trying to do the best that I can at my job while accepting that it may not always be a source for my creative outlet and then being so drained that I have no energy left to pursue any of my own projects has been frustrating. Not feeling inspired and like every day is the same as the last as the next, with the weekends as a mere blur to catch my breath is what life has felt like lately. Of course also trying to make space for cuddle time with hubs has had me feeling like I'm walking on a tight rope... and he's been just as busy with his job that while it's made me feel less guilty, I have missed him even though we live together! I really don't know how people make full time careers and marriage and life work! And let's not even throw a baby into the mix because I don't think I could cope. I take my hat off to those ridiculously talented, multi tasking, career/baby/marriage juggling ladies because that there is a skill. Maybe one that with time I'll learn? I sure hope so but who knows...

***Today I am thankful for a brief moment to gather my thoughts... onwards and upwards!***


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