Labor Day Weekend Snippets...


^^^i could gladly eat this every day!^^^ 
 ^^^had been missing these stormy rains^^^
 ^^^my favorites!^^^
 ^^^looking good birthday girl^^^

A few random thoughts on Labor Day Weekend in no particular order that may or ma not make sense since I keep nodding off but it's been way too long and I had already edited these pictures and so I'm plowing through anyways... and exhale.

-I hadn't been home in over two years before this trip! In fact I think the last time I was home was for our wedding (will have to confirm that at a later date).

-Hubs at one point turned to me and asked- "has the sky just turned black?!?" Crazy as it may seem, this was hub's first time in Miami in the summer... although the "winters" feel like summer just without the glorious torrential down pours.

-Like clock work, every day after noon the clouds would turn impressive shades of purple and blue and the world would seem to be ending for a good 30 minutes only to have the sun break through again as if nothing had ever happened.

-Fact: I HATE mosquitos and for whatever bizarre reason, they seem to love me :(

-I hadn't seen my mama in over a year and it just worked out that we could go home for the long weekend and her birthday!

-Hubs and I got to open up our Xmas presents from last year and man we must've been good because we just added a brand new Canon to our little family!!!

-Every time I go home something has changed... be it the paint, the furniture, the decor, whatever and this time was no exception... behold our fabulous new pool!

-My mama almost got thrown into the pool fully dressed when one of my cousins went on a pool throwing rampage. She clutched onto her camera for dear life just to avoid getting thrown in!

-All my babies are no longer babies making one very sad and old feeling auntie...

-My grandma up there is the cutest with her nails all did, a little color on her lips, and not to mention accessorized to the tee.

-I spent a lot of time watching the rain and listening to thunder, one of my favorite summer past times in Miami.

-It was so nice getting to catch up with little k in person again! I can never get enough of her.

-One of the few older family friends that speaks English got pretty drunk and was spilling the beans about my dad's previous life in Cuba to hubs... apparently my dad was a chemist once upon a time.

-My mama eventually rocked a vintage looking two piece at her pool party to which hubs exclaimed (and I quote)- "your mom still has a figure!"

And before this gets any more ridiculous and/or incoherent, I'm going to bid you all good night.  Things to look forward to on the blog if I manage to blog more regularly again include taking it to a whole new level in photography and style shoots thanks our new camera (name still pending). And I quote hubs again- "at least now I'll feel less stupid taking your style shoot pictures". Isn't he just such a sport?!?

***Today I am thankful for the short but long over due trip back home... I have a feeling these are going to happen a lot more frequently now that we're state side!***


  1. I love your crochet top, it looks so beautiful!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    1. Thanks Ester! It's really one of my favorites that I'm happy to say has stood the test of time! -jb.



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