A Lovely Week 9.13.13


1. flowers from hubs cause it was a hell of a week 2. proud new sofa owners 3. creepster alert! 4. out & about abbot kinney 5. having fun shooting with our new baby 6. late work night selfie 7. rips & tears 8. first pumpkin spiced latte of the season! 9. longest short week ever 10. hiding behind fabrics today 11. what heaven must look like 12. leaving work earliyish 13. happy thursday, my friday! 14. feeling rockabilly today 15. long story short, free food! 15. relaxing on my day off

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The last two weeks in general... how the days just seem to blur together into weeks... months.. and before you know it you've blinked and its the beginning of Fall and Halloween candy is out on the shelves? I'm not just not ready!!! Can life please just stop a second so I can take a few deep breaths?! On a slightly less dramatic note, the movers trying to get our new sofa into our apartment with long and windy and narrow hallways... I even had to knock on our front door neighbor's door at 9am on a Saturday to ask if we could use the extra space to get the thing in... it went like this- "Oh hi, um you're not the neighbors that I met last month... nice to meet you. I live across the hall and was wondering if you minded us using your entrance to get a little more space to get that monster of a sofa into my apartment. Sorry I hope I didn't wake you..." all while the movers were panting and holding up a a massive sofa... Oh and while we were on the stairway I kept thinking about that Friends episode where Ross tries to get his equally large sofa up to his apartment and fails... pivot... pivot... PIVOT! Having my very own paparazzi following me around Abbott Kinney for this new direction I'm taking my style shoots in (you'll see!).. it was awkward and embarrassing and not in a good way but I'm liking the results so I guess I'll just have to get used to it... and I quote hubs- "Never did I think you'd be telling me enough, stop taking pictures of me"... but I was...

Life in general... you know when things get so wonky (a British term I've adopted) that it helps put things into perspective and allows you to really see what the important things are... that's what's been going on... And while yea, it sucks to have to go through hard stuff to get this clarity, I'm always so grateful when it comes... Little things like flowers form hubs because he knows how tough it's been and how easily flowers can put a smile on my face... Being owners of a new sofa... silly I know, but it's our first big purchase as a married couple and it feels pretty great... like a milestone of sorts... Seeing hubs as excited about taking pictures and wanting to collaborate (willingly) on the blog because of our new camera e just can't put down... Seeing him be so inspired inspires me... A pumpkin spice latte because it really is that delicious and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... And also because it reminds me of another life in another time when we lived in London and that pumpkin spiced goodness was what helped me feel closer to home when I was miles away and homesick... That I still find some inspiring things within the chaos that is the fashion industry... and knowing that I've learned to hold onto the little inspiring bits thanks to all the ups and downs that my career/life has thrown at me... My co-workers... they really are an amazing bunch and help me get through the toughest of days... Something that I have always found to be true, bonds are stronger when you endure craziness together because no one else could possibly understand or relate... A free dinner last night courtesy of my landlord who also conveniently (for me) owns the restaurant next door and saw me as I dragged my tired body home from the bus stop... he took one look at me and decided I've been working too hard and not eating enough because I was looking skinny (I swear older men everywhere take a dad role with me) and so he insisted on giving me a free meal... to which I was so grateful for I could cry because hubs has been working late all week as have I and I was pretty sick of the egg sandwiches I'd been consuming and so I didn't put up a fight... Life has a funny way of stepping in and taking care of you when you really need it... and as simple as that gesture was, a free dinner, it was exactly what I needed right then and there so thank you a million times over M! Days off... because sometimes you just need a little me time to relax and reset...

Awkward & Awesome inspired by The Day Book, thanks Sydney!

***Today I am thankful for this glorious day off... I've really been needing this!***


Miami In The Raw...


^^^hub's infamous dog shirt^^^
 ^^^always a daddy's girl^^^
 ^^^my gorgeous mama^^^

So one of the many exciting things that happened while hubs and I were home for Labor Day weekend included opening some remaining Xmas presents from last year that were too "delicate" to ship over. Enter the sweetest most intimidating of all cameras into my/our lives... the Canon EOS 7D (insert jaw drop here!) I just love it to pieces so much that I am scared of even using it for fear of hurting it (wanting to live in a glass house syndrome, more on that later) and/or not feeling worthy of her greatness. I mean, I have been dabbling in photography for the past few years, sure... and people are always saying how much they love my instagram feed... but this is stepping it up the big boy/girl leagues and I am scared! So as I get comfortable with her (name still pending), allow me to share some of my snaps to see the progress along the way. And actually as a disclaimer, more than just my style shoot pictures may be shot by hubs from here on out as he is as in love with our new toy as I am. I'll make sure to start labeling what I'm using to shoot my images and if I treated them or not for any photography dorks out there. Don't worry, I'll still be using my trusty old point and shoots along with my iphone... I got more than enough love to go around!

- Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens, Untreated

***Today I am thankful for the wonderful new addition to our little family... a camera!***


Labor Day Weekend Snippets...


^^^i could gladly eat this every day!^^^ 
 ^^^had been missing these stormy rains^^^
 ^^^my favorites!^^^
 ^^^looking good birthday girl^^^

A few random thoughts on Labor Day Weekend in no particular order that may or ma not make sense since I keep nodding off but it's been way too long and I had already edited these pictures and so I'm plowing through anyways... and exhale.

-I hadn't been home in over two years before this trip! In fact I think the last time I was home was for our wedding (will have to confirm that at a later date).

-Hubs at one point turned to me and asked- "has the sky just turned black?!?" Crazy as it may seem, this was hub's first time in Miami in the summer... although the "winters" feel like summer just without the glorious torrential down pours.

-Like clock work, every day after noon the clouds would turn impressive shades of purple and blue and the world would seem to be ending for a good 30 minutes only to have the sun break through again as if nothing had ever happened.

-Fact: I HATE mosquitos and for whatever bizarre reason, they seem to love me :(

-I hadn't seen my mama in over a year and it just worked out that we could go home for the long weekend and her birthday!

-Hubs and I got to open up our Xmas presents from last year and man we must've been good because we just added a brand new Canon to our little family!!!

-Every time I go home something has changed... be it the paint, the furniture, the decor, whatever and this time was no exception... behold our fabulous new pool!

-My mama almost got thrown into the pool fully dressed when one of my cousins went on a pool throwing rampage. She clutched onto her camera for dear life just to avoid getting thrown in!

-All my babies are no longer babies making one very sad and old feeling auntie...

-My grandma up there is the cutest with her nails all did, a little color on her lips, and not to mention accessorized to the tee.

-I spent a lot of time watching the rain and listening to thunder, one of my favorite summer past times in Miami.

-It was so nice getting to catch up with little k in person again! I can never get enough of her.

-One of the few older family friends that speaks English got pretty drunk and was spilling the beans about my dad's previous life in Cuba to hubs... apparently my dad was a chemist once upon a time.

-My mama eventually rocked a vintage looking two piece at her pool party to which hubs exclaimed (and I quote)- "your mom still has a figure!"

And before this gets any more ridiculous and/or incoherent, I'm going to bid you all good night.  Things to look forward to on the blog if I manage to blog more regularly again include taking it to a whole new level in photography and style shoots thanks our new camera (name still pending). And I quote hubs again- "at least now I'll feel less stupid taking your style shoot pictures". Isn't he just such a sport?!?

***Today I am thankful for the short but long over due trip back home... I have a feeling these are going to happen a lot more frequently now that we're state side!***


Happy Birthday Mami!


Happy belated birthday (it was tuesday) to the tiniest and cutest mom ever! I hadn't seen her in over a year (heartbreaking, I know!) and nothing was going to keep me away from her for yet another birthday. It was only a short visit but she is totally worth it! It felt so good to see her smiling face again and I would do anything to keep that smile going. This was actually supposed to be an outtake photo but now that I'm looking at it again, I kind of love it! I'll be sharing more about our quick trip to Miami over the next few days so stay posted!

***Today I am thankful for my mami... she is the best friend a girl could ask for!***

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