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Another Thursday, another throwback and this week I'm bringing you my favorite five places to vintage shop in Ringwood! Since there weren't really many things to do in the small little town and everyone knows about my obsession with vintage British pottery, I made it my business to frequent the local charity shops for hidden gems. You know the old "one man's trash is another man's treasure" sort of thing, well that was totally the case here. A few of the shop owners even began recognizing me (as if the large rimmed glasses and American accent didn't already do the trick!) because of how often I would drop by... and oh the thrill of the hunt! I can honestly say that some of my favorite and cheapest pieces came from the shops in good ol' little Ringwood... even compared to London where the overpriced and over picked were plentiful. Now that's saying something! If you are ever in the area (though I'm not sure why you would be but just in case) make sure to check out these local spots. In total the town has about ten charity shops (a lot for a town that has not much else) but these by far are my fave.

 RSPCA // 1 High Street, Ringwood Hampshire BH24 1AB

What usually attracts me to this shop is the glassware. It sparkles and glistens at me (or you) through the window, inviting me (or you) in for just a peek. Next thing I (or you) know I (or you) are handing over some money in exchange for some lovely pink stemmed glass goblets and envisioning them in my (or your) future bar cart. Oh and they sell other stuff too but I wouldn't know, I'm easily distracted by shiny things...

 ^^^tiny glass boat in a glass bottle^^^
 Sue Ryder // 20 Meeting House Lane, Ringwood Hampshire BH24 1EY

If you only have time (humor me here) to make a pit stop into one of these charity shops, make sure it's this one. By far the best one out of the five and my lucky spot when it comes to scoring hornsea pottery. They have a pretty good selection of other stuff too including furniture, clothes, and home goods. I think I have never left this store without some sort of purchase... I just need this horsea saffron print egg cup set with rare wooden holder... I'm a geek, I know!

 ^^^gaudy gold mirrors which i love!^^^
 Cancer Research UK // 17 Market Place, Ringwood Hampshire BH24 1AN

Helping a cause that hits really close to home for me, I support anything that supports cancer research of any kind. They mainly stock clothes but really I go for the purses. It can be hit or miss but like most of this stuff, it's really about the hunt now isn't it?! Proud to have scored my fair share of goodies in here.

 ^^^trinket paradise^^^
 Debra Charity Chop // 7-11 Market Place, Ringwood Hampshire BH24 1AN

Fashion forward and the most stylish of the lot when it comes to clothing, shoes, and even some random pieces for the home... somehow making the whole place feel a lot more higher end than the others. It's also the most appealing in terms of layout and being visually appeasing. Keep your eyes peeled for some great vintage pumps or that perfect duck figurine you've been dreaming about...

 ^^^i have a thing for shoes^^^
 Alabare Charity Shop // 55 High Street, Ringwood Hampshire BH24 1AE

Best assortment for men's fashion hands down... and their tie selection is out of control good! Of course they also have a few run of the mill trinkets and some odd pieces of furniture every once in a while... but seriously the ties! Now if I can just get hubs to start wearing ties...

 ^^^i'm also a sucker for vintage pottery^^^

***Today I am thankful for the many charity shops all conveniently located within walking distance of the in-laws... they literally became my second home***


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