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Let's catch up shall we? Firstly the lovely succulents above are a neighbors of mine that has three large wooden barrels filled with those breath taking beauties you see up there... yes my obsession with the cacti family (I think they are cacti) is ever growing and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, I recently impulsed bought a few of the following items including but not limited to tiny terra cotta pots, pebbles, succulent soil, and succulent food of course because according to hubs, they need to be fed... dope! I thought water was enough but judging by how they were slightly dying on me, those supposedly ever so easy to care for plants, I'm willing to try just about anything. All that I'm needing now is some white paint and we will be in business and you all lucky folks will have a diy.

So that's my rant for today on succulents. A brief update on the hubs and I saga (two star struck lovers destined to love from afar it seems) goes as following. Good old hubs had his interview last Friday and though he claims it was an extreme pain in the behind, it was a successful one none the less. They have now confiscated his passport (don't worry, that's standard procedure) and will mail it back to him with his work visa stamped in it in roughly... wait for it... ONE WEEK!!! Now I'm no sucker and I've gone through my fair share of visa stuff, so while a part of me wants to jump for joy and dance around while singing "return of the mack..." (a stretch I know, but needed for my second song to make sense) the other sulky side wants to sit in the shadows belting "all by myself..." Dramatic, yes of course... but have you come to expect anything less? So until some plane tickets are bought, this girl ain't believing nothing. So how has it been? Honestly, it's been rough and even though I know he's coming back and this isn't forever and yes I know, we've done this before, it still doesn't make it any easier. The time difference and work schedules has really been a big bust this time around and when he's not falling asleep, I'm rushing out the door to catch my bus. But what can you do except get on with life (keep calm and carry on and what not) which is normally not like me and while I love a good tantrum every now and again, am feeling eerily calm through all this. Hey I know, it must 30 knocking on my door!

In other news and song verses that pop into my head through out my day because that's just the kind of mind I have, Celine's "it's all coming back" has been the song of choice during these first few weeks back at work. Not the whole song, just that little verse on repeat... "it's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now". Don't ask why because I don't know... just is what it is. Aside from all that, I've turned to ice cream (who am I?) for comfort and have come to the end of my Glee marathon which I am both relieved and sad about. I keep threatening hubs that I'm going to buy all kinds of crap for the apartment while he's gone such as sofa's and probably more succulents... and while he knows I'm just teasing, he also knows that sometimes I'm crazy enough to go through with my little threats. Guess he (and you all) will just have to wait to see what happens. Disclaimer, if anything does get purchased while he is away, I blame the internet that makes it was too easy and way too tempting to be good.

***Today I am thankful for succulents... they never fail to make me smile***


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