Last Days Of Summer...


 ^^^that's right, we had some ukulele action down by the water!^^^
 ^^^i was feeling a little retro and also i'm kind of afraid to wear my short hair down by the sea^^^
 ^^^that's her second bathing suit of the day and no, we don't know her^^^
^^^the girlies^^^

Sorry this space has been quite for over a week now... it's just that hubs got back and there was so much cuddling and show watching to catch up on that well, this just wasn't top priority you know? Anyways, this past weekend we tried our hardest to enjoy what's left of the summer, although if I'm being honest, it wasn't quite the summer I was expecting. I don't want to complain or anything (or do I?) but why is it that London has the warmest summer it's had in over two years as soon as I leave and meanwhile L.A. has been having one of the mildest? Mother Earth... why you hate me so much?

Na but I kid... because I'll take these foggy hazy days by the beach any old day! So in effort to spend every waking last minute outdoors before the seasons change, we hit up the beach to get our toes in the sand and even though the fog was thick over the mountains, we weren't the only ones holding out hope that the clouds (or smog) would part and let the sun shine through. Still, it was a good old time because M brought her cute little ukulele and strummed along for our listening pleasure. There was also that poodle up there that kept us entertained by having not one but TWO bathing suit changes during her visit... and she also broke free at one point and jumped on hubs... topless mind you! It was quite the scandal! Hubs decided it was a good idea to jump into the freezing cold water but he is British after all and used to much colder water so I guess it's not that crazy. Rocks were collected, fries were consumed, and friendships were strengthened so sun or not, I'd call this beach outing a success. Hope you're all enjoying the last days of summer too!

***Today I am thankful friends and sandy shores... the perfect combo me thinks!***


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