Home At Last...


You guys hubs is back!!! He's home and I don't just mean home as in L.A. or even America for that matter, but home with me. You know the saying "home is wherever I'm with you"... that kind of home. Because if I've learned anything throughout our many years together, it's that home can be anywhere as long as we're together. We make the best out of any place or situation when we're together, we really do. And man have I been missing this hubs of mine... more so than I even realized. It was draining and stupid as it may sound, I felt a little lost while he was gone. How quickly I became used to our little routine... just simple things like going to bed side by side and waking up every morning next to that sleepy face I love to shower with kisses. Watching our shows (I was really reluctant to watch them without him so I fell pretty behind on True Blood, Suits, and Falling Skies) became almost a chore because let's face it, hubs is the real driver behind that one. And not to sound like a complete child but man am I looking forward to eating more than milk and cereal for dinner because while it's nice every once and a while and obviously my comfort food, a month of that is plenty! I won't even bore you with my eating of the same meal for days straight saga... it's too pitiful. Of course I missed him for other more meaningful reasons that the petty ones I just listed, but these I find the funniest. I could go on for hours with the list of things I missed but I won't. He's back now and that's all that matters. So if you'll excuse me, I've got a hot cuddle date with my main squeeze and nope, it's not my teddy bear ;)

***Today I am thankful for hubs being home... it's where he belongs***


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