Dreamy Spaces...


 ^^^be still my heart, a pink couch!^^^
 ^^^the dreamiest of frame walls^^^
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Please excuse me while I switch gears back into house talk... or as I like to call it, nest talk. You see I have a little confession to make. Yes, I have had sofa's on the brain non stop and the vast amount of choices in styles, color, and fabrics is enough to make this girl's head spin! And while I have to admit it's not just the sofa that has me so indecisive, I figure I should nail that first as my focal point and then let the rest of the planing happen around it right? I mean let's face it, this sofa of mine (ours) is going to be an investment so to speak and so I don't want to go jumping the gun with a trendy decision or something that I won't be able to commit to. Enter pinterest, and more importantly my Home Sweet Home board which has allowed me to pin away worry free! Through this I have been able to "test out" different styles and looks. Also it has helped me pin point things I feel strongly about by visually seeing reoccurring trends in color or setups. For example, through the five pictures above I became aware of the fact that I have a thing for fur, neutrals, and frame walls. The fur especially surprised me as I never would have thought I would be one for fur throws or hide rugs (I own one now thanks to this!) and also, when did I become a lover of all things minimalist? Give me black... give me white... give me grey... and maybe a pop of color (optional)... then throw some natural materials in the mix like wood, gold, silver, fur and that about sums me up right now. I like to call it minimalist scandinavian meets rusticy vintage style... a mouthful I know but a dreamy space non the less.

***Today I am thankful for pinterest... it really is one of the best tools for inspiration***


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