A Lovely Week 8.9.12


1. neon for friday 2. looking up at a teeny plane 3. sunny days 4. i love trend researching! 5. trinkets & treasures 6. guilty pleasures of mine 7. just not the same without hubs 8. stragglers on my desk 9. white puffy clouds 10. new glasses, yay or nay? 11. playing with swatches 12. always reflecting 13. i spy a color trend 14. embroidery 15. an original gift from hubs 16. studded 17. sunset view form the office 18. puppets on my morning commute! 19. farmer's markets are my fave 20. weekly flower purchase

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So most of you probably already know that in a fit of dire desperation I recently chopped all of my hair off... which may not have surprised many because I've been threatening to do so for the last couple of months... and now it's all gone and the awkward part (the reason you're still reading) is that I'm not quite sure how to style it... I don't know why I thought cutting it short would solve all my hair problems like insane frizziness from the humidity even though it's not humid out here (I think maybe it's the smog?) and especially when my go-to for bad hair days was a top knot... So now it's shorter and curlier than ever... again, not sure when it decided to go so curly! But anyways, it's more maintenance than ever because now I actually have to shape the curls or straighten them... and my bed head look is crazier than ever too! So I feel like I look like a 10 year old girl and like all my sexy womanly powers (the few that I possessed that allowed people to think I was at least in my 20's) are now gone and I feel more awkward than usual. Odd thing is that everyone else seems to LOVE my new do! I've been getting so many... I mean SO MANY compliments and hubs is dying to see it when he gets back (he's been wanting me to go short for a while now) and I honestly just don't get it. But I guess if the people like it, then it can't be too awkward right?! And then there's my new glasses... not sure about them either... They are bigger and bolder than my last pair (sadly those broke) and I fee like now-a-days I'm nothing but big hair and big glasses! Talk about sexy... the man repeller would be proud indeed... but again, the people LOVE them... so maybe there's something I'm not seeing that others are and maybe, just maybe I should trust other people's opinions? I would love to know how you feel on either or both... but please be kind even if you aren't liking the new look... big haired, big glasses wearing people have feelings too you know...

Diving into trend research at work for denim head first... after so much soul searching, I think I may have found what I am truly passionate about... surprise, surprise... I love trend researching and everything it involves! I love discovering new brands, techniques, themes and dissecting them to later present them in a way that's most visually appealing... I mean sure, I do love design and all, but let's be honest... until I have my own thing going, not much creative freedom is out there to be had in the corporate world and I'm ok with that... For the first time ever I accept it and have moved on... enter trend research which I can do on the clock and  making me a very happy girl... Finally tackling that dreaded pile of laundry I've been ignoring since hubs left weeks ago (mind you most of it was his stuff anyways)... and now it's gone and my apartment smells nice again and I don't have that pile of smelly clothes looming down on me and judging me... because yes, dirty laundry judges... Long chats with little k and catching up on each other's gossip... not that our lives have enough drama to create gossip but we like to pretend... A co-worker informing me that I actually have one more season of Glee to watch before the new season premieres (Netflix why are you missing season three?) and that both delights and terrifies me... so if I fall off the face of the earth this weekend, you'll know why... Weekly flower purchases at the farmer's market near work... and sure this is only the second week but still, that counts as weekly right? And with hubs gone, coming home to flowers is the next best thing so don't be surprised if you come over (maybe?) and find the place full of flowers... what can I say, I'm a huge fan of treating yourself to flowers!

***Today I am thankful for the weeks passing... every week that goes by is another week closer to hubs coming back*** 


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