Missing My Baby...


^^^that's bob & bonnie^^^
 ^^^the sugariest smoothies EVER!^^^
 ^^^can't help but smile when i see that ring on his finger^^^
^^^slice as big as my face^^^

So this is going to be a bit of a random one tonight... I feel happy that I'm actually awake enough to fill you guys in. It's been a whirlwind of a week... or weeks really. I've been busy and eagerly settling into my new job that unfortunately requires me to wake up early (and yes I consider 6am early!) and that in turn has left me kind of zombie like... thus lack of posting. In the spare time spent not sleeping, I was also squeezing in as much hubs time as humanly possible. Sadly hubs had to leave back to the UK this past weekend for reasons I can't and won't get into (I'm looking at you immigration!) and while I know it's only temporary, my heart still weeps. Visas are seriously ruining my life on and off it seems... and every time we think "this is it, no more being apart" some other obstacle gets thrown our way. Never did I think we'd be doing the long distance thing again after getting married... it was after all the reason we tied the knot! Well, not the only reason but it did play a heavy factor in it. I guess the good news is that we have proven through time and distance that hubs and I are unbreakable... though London did it's best to test us, I tell ya. So here we are again, trying to work out a skype schedule with the craziest of time differences and oh yea, jobs too! Reminds me of my NYC days when we used to stay up till silly o'clock hours talking and literally falling asleep on our laptops. Guess that's just the price you pay when the heart falls for someone with a seductive British accent hu? And the heart... oh it knows what it wants!

I know this may sound funny, but I don't really know what to do with myself when I have free time these days. Between being tired and sleepy, I also get very sad when I realize hubs is gone. I'll get home from work and see his bicycle in the hallway and instantly (and foolishly) my heart will skip a beat with excitement that he's home earlier than me from work (which never happens) and then just as quickly, my heart will sink as I remember that he's not here... and so that bicycle of his, well it hasn't moved in four days now. And I mean it will sink so far low that I fear I won't be able to pull it back up again which I can't afford right now with my job and all. So I quickly pull it back up and hold it close as I numb myself with Glee marathons. Not one of my proudest distractions but one that keeps me on the happier side at least and that's all I'm really asking for these days. Until my hubs comes back and we can resume our weekend adventures (two pictured above), please keep sending me the guiltiest of pleasures known to man in the form of cheesy tv series... I'm living for them right now! Also on my list of things I'm not so proud of right now but am justifying because my heart is slightly broken and so that's that include... eating ice cream, drinking beer, not doing laundry, eating the same meal for lunch AND dinner four days straight, succumbing to an online sale (sorry love!), indulging in weepy sad songs, and sleeping in the middle of the bed. And I'm not even doing that correctly! Nope, not sleeping in the middle sprawled out like a star fish, but curled up in the fetus position instead.

So the dates above (because that's what I had originally intended on focusing on) are from before he left (duh!) and they just make me smile so much. Whether we are out and about on an adventure of sorts, or just ordering a pizza in and enjoying beers while watching a movie, it's always fun times with that one, guaranteed! Another weekend date of ours included watching and singing along to old 90's music videos (I kid you not), reminiscing and talking about what certain songs meant to each of us at specific points in our young adolescent lives. It was perfect! No to mention how amazing it is that song lyrics just stayed stored in these brains of ours even long after we've forgotten about them. That's just the sort of thing we do, hubs and I... and so you can see why I miss him so much. But I know this isn't forever (though it feels like it sometimes thanks my over dramatic nature) and when he finally comes back to me, we'll (hopefully) never have to be apart again. And things work out the way they are supposed to anyways right? If I didn't have this job of mine right now, I might have gone back with him... and then you all would have to be dealing with my "I can't believe I'm back in the UK" rants and tweets. Though truth be told, I do miss it... but shh! I swear that country just loves to spite me... four consecutive hot and sunny weeks over in London town which I NEVER had the pleasure of experiencing while living there... and to add insult to injury, apparently there's been some huge electrical storms this week, a favorite of mine that always remind me of home and yea, never got any of those either. Oh well... what can you do right? Win some, lose some... my home is better than your home (j/k). Now excuse me while a slip in at least one episode of Glee tonight since it's already past my self imposed 12am bed time... but that's just what guilty pleasures are all about and there's always coffee for the morning woes.

****Today I am thankful for Skype, computers, and technology... did you know when hubs and I first started dating we used phone cards and landlines?!?***


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