Live Music Makes The World Go Round...


 ^^^a boy & his catch^^^
 ^^^on top of the world!^^^
 ^^^getting his groove on^^^

This past Saturday was spent the way all weekends should be... with friends... outdoors in the sunshine... and listening to live music! If you are local to L.A. and a music lover, I encourage you to check out one (or all) of the summer gigs going on at the Getty this summer aka Saturdays Off the 405. The views are spectacular and when else will you have the chance to wander around the museum with the beverage of your choosing? I chose the beer (of course) and got acquainted with the new (for me) sounds of Geographer. An electronic-indie band, they reminded me of a more upbeat and playful Radiohead... and in case you are wondering, I mean that as a compliment, I like Radiohead! I have to admit, they have a very distinct sound and may not be for everyone, but for the chance to experience live music atop of a mountain with breathtaking views, I'll always be game. Thanks M for the invite... I sure am glad you're in the know about these things because I always seem to be clueless.

***Today I am thankful for friends that know what's up... lifesavers I tell you!***


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