Fourth Of July Beach Picnic...


 ^^^best hot dogs ever!^^^
 ^^^just the right amount of sweet & salty^^^
 ^^^mini american flag^^^

This being the first year I was back in the States to celebrate the Fourth Of July and the fact that hubs got an unexpected day off of work was enough reason to celebrate our nation's birthday twice over! I had been planning on a stars and stripes themed beach picnic since as far back as June... when all of the Fourth Of July things start being on display at the stores and was so excited the day was finally here (or really it was the day before but who really cares). One of the things I missed the most while living abroad was just a good old fashioned hot dog and so I planned everything around it being the main star. I got a little carried away with making a few homemade sauces (I'll share recipes later in the week) and let me just say, it's exactly what you need to take any hot dog to the gourmet level. They were all pretty easy to make and keep refrigerated for two weeks so I definitely recommend rolling up your sleeves and making them for any upcoming summer bar.b.q. The day was kind of overcast but nothing can really kill the mood when you are sat on the sand, listening to the waves crashing on the shore. We stuffed our little tummies full and then cuddled on the beach for hours... talking and daydreaming together... like you do on those really great dates. Happy early birthday America!

***Today I am thankful for hot dogs... man oh man I missed you so!***


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