^^^best facial expression ever!^^^
 ^^^ some real egg hunting going on here^^^
 ^^^i also made everyone hard boiled eggs with their names on them^^^
 ^^^colorful egg shells^^^
 ^^^yes we had sparklers for easter^^^

Hi again, it's me... your favorite procrastinator! I'm sorry, I'm not sorry (well I kind of was when I was going by my old rules of only being able to post things in chronological order and so gems like these would never get their moment in the lime light but now I've made an exception to this and I call it Throwback Thursdays). Sometimes procrastination can be your (or my) secret weapon because its forces you (I mean me) to be extremely creative and really truly believe in what your doing... because how else are you going to make others believe in what you are doing too?! So Easter came and went... and four months later it's here on the blog for your delayed enjoyment. Celebrating this year with the girls made Easter so much more fun! Ever notice how all the holidays get heightened and feel extra special when there are kids involved? It's their sweet innocence and genuine excitement that does it for me. So of course, fueled by them (not that I need much encouraging anyways) I went to town! Easter this year included an extravagant egg hunt in the garden... complete with confetti filled eggs and homemade chocolate eggs (made by sissy-in-law J) with secret prizes (picked by hubs) in them. Luckily the weather was kind enough to be semi warm (and by warm I mean you didn't need a jacket) and not rainy for our egg hunt. Because how depressing would an egg hunt be if it was indoors in the living room? Not to mention the mess all that confetti would have made! So it was a true Easter miracle if I ever witnessed one myself. Here are a few more pictures of the girls doing their thing while I followed them around like a paparazzi. Then we stuffed our faces with our chocolaty treats, followed by a feast of feasts, an oreo crust cheesecake, and more chocolate. I also made everyone a hard boiled egg with their names on it and boy does our family look huge when laid out in eggs... we were too many to fit in an egg carton! Oh and there were sparklers too which I'm not sure if those are a British thing or just a Beale thing... will have to check and get back to you all on that one but feel free to adopt it anyways. It was a good Easter this year... a good one indeed!

***Today I am thankful I got to spend Easter with my huge British family... so much love!***


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