A Very British Fourth Of July...


 ^^^home made chocolate chip cookies the size of your face!^^^
 ^^^the essentials^^^
 ^^^we are some classy ladies i tell you^^^
Keeping the Fourth of July spirit alive in conjunction with Throwback Thursdays, this week we remissness on last years celebrations because they were the last spent in London and also because evidently I never got a round to posting about it... whoops! We gathered at our choice of pub, the American Wives Club as we called ourselves, decked out to the fullest in all our proudest red, white, and blue and also with some hot dogs. Wait... but that's not what we had originally planned. What we had in mind was a yummy picnic in the park because why would you celebrate the Fourth of July in a British pup? Especially when bringing traditional American goodies like hot dogs, patriotic cookies, and a s'more concoction. But silly us for planning a picnic in the park in July... because why would it be sunny and not at all raining? After all we were in London so I guess we should have known better hu?

So that's how we found ourselves at this pub... that wasn't at all sympathetic about our situation and wouldn't allow us to eat our home brought food even though we promised to order more than our share of drinks to make up for it... which is how we ended up eating our hot dogs across the street from the pub in a gas station. We are the classiest of ladies and yes, that is a Burger King in the background too... so accidental and so fitting! So I guess we showed that pub (and England's weather) who was boss and that nothing was going to stop us from celebrating! And in case you were wondering, we did manage to sneak some bites of cookies and other goodies while drinking and foolishly waiting for the rain to "pass"... and in case you are wondering, no it never did.

We also passed the time playing that- name all of the states game, that could you believe we couldn't do between the four of us! Womp womp, big surprise... and we tried... but maybe it was all of the beer. Oh and yes, we also had an American flag with us that drew a lot of attention but sometimes when you are living in a foreign country, you have to do everything including owning a flag and sporting it at pubs to keep your inner spirit alive. Flag in the pub... don't care. This was also the first time we got to celebrate with K on her engagement (the only non wife in the wives club but we knew it would happen eventually!) and so nothing was going to stop us really... not the weather... not the crappy pub... nothing! Naturally we just had to take ring pictures appropriately placed on a stars and stripes napkin, of course. I have to admit, while I didn't necessarily miss spending another fourth in England, I sure did miss these ladies. Together, we kept the American spirit alive over there, don't ya know!

***Today I am thankful for these ladies... they understood what it was like to be a foreigner abroad and together we became our own little family***


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