A Lovely Week 7.12.13


1. a congratulatory rose 2. more tall & skinnies 3. monsters university movie date night 4. home made iced lattes are the best 5. cycling around town with hubs 6. first day kind of outfit 7. picking thread colors 8. hiding my sleepy eyes behind massive sunnies 9. denim rainbow 10. runner's view after work 11. fellow nappers & commuters 12. hard at work 13. city view 14. love the smell of burning wood 15. swooning over guitars & banjos 16. he sat on my lap all.night.long! 17. this is thursday 18. sometimes i'm an angel 19. donuts make fridays even sweeter 20. that's so 90's gangsta!

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Me in the mornings... it's just so hard and unnatural... ugh! This was my first week at my new job aka waking up at the crack of dawn to catch a slightly unreliable bus each morning and man, was it killer! I guess it doesn't help that my body clock has been out of sync since I naturally tend to be a night owl aka I prefer to sleep in and the creative juices don't really start flowing till after 3pm anyways... and coffee... Me being nervous about rejoining the work force... I mean it's what I've been wanting for so long and that's probably the reason for all the anxiety and nerves... but the night before my first day, I couldn't sleep with all the butterflies swarming around in my tummy (and head) and just like the night before the first day of school, I barely slept but it was ok because the same nerves kept me going through day... until I finally crashed that night... still in my work outfit... Other than that, there was no other awkwardness this week... well aside from the minor flashback to my old attire from my middle school days thanks to festive Friday at work... yes it's true... I used to be gangsta in the 90's, dark lipstick and all... and all I can say is "what were you thinking letting me dress like that mom?!?"

Did I mention that I finally got a real job!!! This was my first week and I have to say it was pretty awesome (as well as a mixture of other emotions)... being part of a team... learning new things... having a routine... and probably the most important, getting to socialize with things other than my succulents... which I did buy one to have on my desk at work because I'm that employee that likes to really feel at home at work... other awesome things I already moved in include my personalized mug that my London bestie S made for me to hold all my creative tools... a drawer full of healthy snacks since I'm ALWAYS hungry... and an essentials cosmetic bag containing band aids, hand lotion, tampons, and lip gloss... I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing more stuff as the weeks go by but I wanted to ease in... not scare my new co-workers by bringing everything and the kitchen sink ya know! Oh and also pretty high on the list of awesomeness this week- sushi burgers (not pictured)... fire, out door bar b q, and a jam session that included a banjo (I know!) and me singing aloud (gasp!)... meeting the friendliest chihuahua ever (mine back home barks at EVERYTHING!)... daily Starbucks and no I'm not sorry... maple bacon donuts surprisingly delicious!).... and surviving my first work week which ended with a festive Friday theme of 90's gangsta as pictured above... I have a good feeling about this job!

***Today I am thankful for my job... I have job!!!***


  1. That is so exciting you got a job!! What will you be doing? Yes, early mornings are no fun. I don't mind being up but having to jump right up and get ready I'm terrible at!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

    1. Hi Rachel! It's been an exciting whirlwind of a week for sure! I'm a denim designer for jrs. girls. It's been so much fun getting into a new routine, well except for the mornings. Why do they have to be so painful?! Hope all is well! -jb.



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