Walks Through Ringwood No.2


 ^^^it was safe, i promise!^^^
^^^it's all about the fur guys^^^
 ^^^this guy i tell ya, always has me laughing!^^^
 ^^^lace curtains AND brick^^^

Another Thursday... another throwback! I have to admit that I probably stood out quite a lot during my time in Ringwood and for many reasons. The fact that I looked like no one else out there being Hispanic... and yes everyone thought I was Indian and no there weren't really any Indian folk around either so regardless, I looked different. That when I opened my mouth and spoke, this cultivated slightly American accent with a mish-mash and hints of other accents including some Britishisms would come out. What can I say, I'm a language sponge! It was really funny having people constantly trying to guess where I'm from and not quite being able to pin point it. But most likely I stood out because I was the only person in the whole of tiny old Ringwood that would take pictures of EVERYTHING! I was that random new girl that the locals probably discussed... "she must be a tourist or something". But then again, it's not like Ringwood is a happening spot or a tourist destination so I couldn't even camouflage with other picture taking enthusiast like I did in London. But I didn't care and no amount of gawking is ever going to stop me from capturing beauty.

I might have (most probably did) embarrass hubs a little with my obsessive compulsive picture taking habit, but he took it all in stride. Bless his little heart, he's a trooper! I think it also helped that he hadn't really been back home for long periods of time in years so a lot of people didn't recognize him and he was happy about it... especially when out and about with the likes of me that is photographing stuff like signs. I just can't help myself, I see the world through a camera lens at all times now, even when I don't have a camera on me. I'm always thinking "that's a good shot" or "I love that composition". I think the camera has really helped me look at life... I mean really observe my surroundings and bring out the beauty in it all. A few people (locals) even mentioned that I made Ringwood look so charming and beautiful through my pictures. I insisted that it's always looked like that, it's just that sometimes people forget to really look that's the problem.

And in case you are wondering, no children are ever harmed during any of my shots including my lovely niece in her stroller up there. It was a windy little back road that looked like a main road and so we thought it would be funny to capture a "baby in the middle of the road with groceries" shot. Hubs was on the lookout should any cars have come and I took the snap in like two seconds... it was all under control people. Hubs and I had actually thought of a whole running series that we could have done had we stayed longer... baby in stroller in random situations sort of thing. Here's baby in a field with groceries. And J (the mum) if you are mad about this, then it was all your brother's idea... but if you are amused by this, then we came up with it together. Best baby sitters in the world, that hubs and I!

***Today I am thankful for a new way to look at life... beauty is all around us if you just look***


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