Walks Through Ringwood No.1


 ^^^caught in the round-about!^^^
 ^^^how lovely are those red shutters?!^^^
 ^^^charming little touches like this lamp make this town special^^^

Happy Thursday everyone and like promised, another throwback. I took a lot of walks around Ringwood while we were living there... partially because there wasn't much to do but also because I like stretching my legs and getting fresh air as often as I can. Here is a random selection of pictures accumulated through many walks, in no particular order... no rhyme... no reason. Part of the whole letting go guys, this is me kicking my heels up and laughing at structure and order... haha! You hear me old me? I'm posting out of chronological order and with no self imposed guidelines to follow. Gosh I feel like a wild woman! I'm going to go seize the day while I'm still running on this high... who knows, maybe I'll even cross the street NOT at the crosswalk!

***Today I am thankful for my little camera... she is old, held together by tape but still clicking away!***


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