^^^color coordinated guys! i died!^^^
 ^^^how awesome is that tiger shirt!?!^^^

Last weekend I had a girl's night followed by brunch and Sunday shopping with an old friend from college that also happens to be living out here. She showed me around her cute little neighborhood known as Los Feliz... whose literal translation is "the happy" and a happy little place it was indeed! She was actually the only one of us east coasters that went the L.A. route after college, the rest of us migrated north to NYC. It was really nice seeing her again after so many years and we picked up right where we had left off. M was the sweetest hostess and made sure to show me all of her favorite spots including this one, Squareville.

This place met two of my biggest musts when it comes to thrifting... spacious and organized. It just makes the whole thrifting experience so much nicer I think. They had a great selection of womenswear downstairs, all neatly organized on racks by garment type AND color coordinated... I think my heart literally stopped when I saw this! They definitely had a great assortment of clothes that were season specific which is always nice. I rummaged through some purses and had to talk myself out of getting lovely snake skin one you see in the pictures above... and it was hard too because the price was so good but you know... trying to stick to the whole minimalist thing over here. Upstairs they had a really great selection of menswear that I think hubs would just love! I'm going to have to insist we come back here and maybe even find a piece for our next how she & him style it if were lucky. Then there were the shoes... oh the shoes! All kinds of goodies where you could spot a pair and name that decade (one of my favorite games to play) in a second! But I was good... hard as it was, I was good. M found a few things that she placed on hold (yep they'll even hold for you while you think about it) and I have yet to find out if she ever went back for them. I sure hope she did because that way someone took home some treasures.

***Today I am thankful for friends like M showing me around this new city I'm calling home, I had so much fun!***


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