Rocket Fizz...


 ^^^duff beer!^^^
 ^^^peanut butter, ranch dressing, & buffalo wing sauce?!?^^^
 ^^^hers & his picks^^^

One of my favorite past times ever is weekend dates with hubs spent aimlessly wandering around this new city of ours and discovering neat things together... that is when he can peel himself away from the office long enough! On just such a lucky occasion, we happened to be walking back from a Target run... which by the way, was the WORST Target run of my life and probably the only time I'd rather go somewhere without hubs because he didn't let me buy anything... we stumbled across this crazy little place called Rocket Fizz (the Westwood Village location) and just had to pop in for a quick look. The place was impressive with never ending rows of all the soda pops you could possibly ever imagine and then some! They had all kinds of brands and limited edition collectors bottles... which the geek in me secretly loved. On closer inspection, I realized that they didn't just have your every day, standard flavors... oh no. When I actually started reading the labels I was amazed and slightly in awe at flavors like peanut butter and jelly, sweet corn, and bacon! But get this, they had a whole section devoted just to bacon flavored things... I'm talking soda, candy, gum, toothpaste... you think of it and it was probably there. Not going to lie, I was little grossed out.

That was the other thing, not only did this place have pretty much every soda in the world (or so it seemed), it also had all of the candy I could remember from childhood pasts. Vintage sweets and treats as far as the eye could see. The expression like a kid in a candy shop came to mind... only remember I'm not a fan of the sweets so much. Still, this place had me feeling like a kid in a candy shop regardless and so we just had to pick out a drink and treat each to try. Hubs was a little bit daring with his selection I think... unfortunately he wasn't a fan of his raspberry ginger brew bt he did like his carbonated grape candy. I decided to play it safe with flavors I was more familiar with like orange soda (I mean who doesn't love orange soda?!? Is it true??? Mmmmhmmm... I do, I do, I dooo-ooooh) and dark mint chocolate m&ms. While the orange soda was little more sugary tasting that I would have liked, the m&ms on the other hand... well let's just say I bought a whole bag (the big kind) and ate it all by myself during last weeks hiatus it was so good.

I'm already looking forward to our next trip back and if I'm being completely honest, I will probably pick a safe flavor again and be persuaded by the packing... because these cute soda bottles are just perfect for holding a few hand picked flowers, don't you think? I'll just let hubs be the daring one again which works well for me because I can always have a taste of his crazy pick.

***Today I am thankful for little places like this one... they will be an ever lasting memory for hubs and I***


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