Glimpses Of A Ringwood Home...


 ^^^a family favorite, eggs & soldiers^^^
 ^^^good mix of patterns & color^^^
 ^^^we did a lot of baking!^^^
 ^^^this happened every sunday!!!^^^

I was going back through my photo archives and was astounded at the amount of moments I had perfectly captured with the intent to share on here and then just never got around to... I'm speechless. These memories all deserve their time in the lime light (I think) and it's always nice to look back. My mum-in-law and I have actually talked about this a few times... how we never really make it a point to look back through old photographs anymore since everything is digital and no one makes photo albums anymore. In a weird around way, thanks in part to my creative nature and procrastination, I'm always behind in uploading (and now posting) pictures from long ago forgotten events. The result is a lovely walk through memory lane and also a reassurance that things (in the grand scheme of life) have been generally good. I'm not a big fan of the whole throw back Thursdays that's been happening on Instagram... not really sure why, I'm just not. Yet here I am proposing throw back Thursdays on the blog... a chance to revisit some of these memories I so desperately would like to share with you all. So feel free to come back each Thursday and reminisce with me. I've got Ringwood and London to talk about... and who knows, if I'm not worn out of this by the end, I might even revisit NYC!


Here are a few glimpses of our time in Ringwood. As an outsider actually living there for the first time, it was hard not to be inspired by the childhood house hubs calls home. So full of life and character, if that house could only talk... The house that has seen hubs and his six (I kid you not!) other siblings rumble and tumble into young adulthood also now has the pleasure of seeing the first set of grand kids in all their naughtiness. Built solid to endure the years and the bitter cold of England, I couldn't help but feel like I was living on a movie set with all the wood and brick. In fact the whole town reminded me of the sort of quaint little British towns I'd only previously known about in films... complete with cottages and their thatched roofs! My favorite place in the whole house is the dining room with it's big oak table and natural sunlight pouring in through the glass doors. It's the table where we gathered nightly to have family meals, something that I grew up doing with my own family that just felt so soothing. This might be the only time you actually got to see some of the family members as everyone was busy with their own lives so it was nice to catch up. I think the fireplace would come in close second with it's inviting smell of burning wood and enveloping warmth... not to mention being from Miami, this was the thing that myths were made of. I couldn't be happier to now also be able to call this place my home, because that is what it felt like instantly. Being far away from my family and my country, this little Ringwood house with all it's nooks and creaks really came to feel like home.

***Today I am thankful for the chance to really live with and be a part of the family... thank you for having me***


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