First Kiss...


Happy eight years since you first decided to kiss me goodnight under our summer camp's flag pole... the gleaming moonlight out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania... and the curiously watchful eyes of the other campers. It had been one of those nights straight out of Hollywood's best chick flick.

Boy asks girl to hangout after bedtime (for the kids)... girl is feeling brave and accepts... boy and girl spend the rest of that evening engrossed in their own little world as hours pass by and they find their souls connect... they talked about everything and nothing and somehow it's as if they knew... boy and and girl must depart but not without a kiss first... boy looks nervous as he leans in... girl kisses the softest lips she's ever known... it was perfect!

And the rest is pretty much history. All it took was one kiss from that British cutie at summer camp and I was his forever. Here's to first kisses that can sometimes be so powerful, they can become your last. I love you hubs!

***Today I am thankful for his big beautiful lips... I will happily kiss them forever!***


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