A Lovely Week 6.28.13


1. when nature & urban meet 2. ikea round two! 3. brunch at the beale's 4. little j & big b 5. blue moon tasting 6. full moon 7. i see you 8. pretties on my desk 9. his & hers bicycles 10. trying to catch up 11. loving my new dress 12. through rose rimed sunglasses 13. insisted on sharing the closet 14. clean green with blackberries 15. snack time 16. bam! 17. messy hair, don't care 18. pattern on pattern 19. christmas lights in june 20. last flower standing

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My hair... I swear it acts differently every time I wash it over here! I don't know if it's all the sea air... the humidity... the smog... but it hasn't been this crazy and unpredictable since my Miami days. And the annoying thing is, it photographs really, really well... So while I'm over here complaining, I keep getting compliments via instagram, facebook, and twitter on how gorgeous my hair is looking! Seriously guys, my hair is ridiculously photogenic and meanwhile, I'm contemplating chopping it all off (she says with scissors in hand)... Assembling Ikea stuff... I know that they drew those drawings to try and make it as easy as possible to put together their stuff... so easy in fact that there is no need for actual written instructions... then why do I still find it so confusing? I tilt my head, squint my, eyes and even rotate the instructions around to see if it'll make a difference and sometimes it does... but my desk is still standing and it's been over a week so I guess they work hu? Me on Bonnie (my bicycle) only less so with each outing... hooray for me!!! I am happy to report less bruises down my legs from awkwardly getting on/off and carrying her up the stairs... I think I'm actually getting the hang of it! When you are trying to get some work done but can't concentrate because of all the chattering going on downstairs from the group of girls that just lunched at the restaurant next door... and you can't look over because you know they'll look over at you at the same exact time (its a law of the universe).... and you can't drown them out by turning up the music because that too will draw attention to yourself... and there's nothing really to do but browse pinterest for the next 15 minutes while they wrap it up because you can't actually focus with all the squealing that's going on... don't they know people are trying to work... from home?!?

Having hubs home BOTH days this past weekend and him coming home pretty early (eightish) the whole week... winning! You know I actually like spending quality time with my husband advertising agency... If you could just share him with me like you did this past week/weekend then maybe, just maybe, we can be friends again... Smoothies every.single.day... I am obsessed and in love with them! Chucking in all of my favorite things into a blender and then sipping them through cute straws... um yes please! Though I can't help but feel a little bit lazy in then sense that I keep thinking "this is just like eating a whole apple, and some berries, and some nuts, etc. only I'm not, I'm drinking it"... smoothies... nutritious or just the lazy girl's way of eating? You decide folks and I pass no judgement... Putting up Chirstmas lights and yes I know it's nearly July and no I don't care because these are for decorating people... decorating and making this little nest of ours extra special with the soft glow of twinkling lights that will stay up all.year.long. No discussions about that one! Finally hand washing a pile of stuff I kept putting off since London and there is only so much procrastination that even the world's best procrastinator can do... is it bad that I had to google "how to hand wash" because that's how long it's been since I had and didn't want to run the risk of ruining my clothes... true story, I googled it... Oh yea and that grey sweater dress up there that I am trying really hard not wear every day it's so comfortable... and no I'm not getting paid to say this (I wish!) it's just honestly one of the best purchases ever! Not to mention it's the perfect dress to cycle in, guaranteed...

***Today I am thankful for the end of the week... it's been another looong week and I can hardly wait to relax with hubs!***


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