A Lovely Week 6.14.13


1. take it as a sign? 2. mint dark chocolate m&ms 3. a little me time 4. i'm turning into the succulent lady 5. waving from up high 6. looking down 7. nature's purple carpet 8. target is the devil ;) 9. debut of my new apron 10. the return of the domestic goddess! 11. real men drink through fancy straws 12. my comfort breakfast 13. oh hello santa monica 14. my first run in l.a. 15. a runner's view 16. arrested development snack with hubs 17. because everyone needs a miniature pink gnome 18. another mile, same view 19. looking for an angel 20. they make me smile

Well lets just be honest here... not really in the mood to talk today so I think I'll just sum it up with life... particularly my mid to late 20's. Can't wait till my 30's (there's something I never thought I'd say!) because I'm hoping by then I'll have things figured out more... yea 30's will be my prime!

Because I'm a serial hopeless optimist (there is no cure, I've checked) I'm going to say life... I know, I know... glass half full and rainbows and unicorns... blah blah ugh!

***Today I am thankful for the return of my instagram inspiration... guys I was seriously worried for a bit***


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