This Was Friday...


 bicycles are for lovers...
guys i'm seriously in love with these tall skinny palm trees!

 it feels good to have my toes in the sand again...
my hair doesn't stand a chance over here, soaks up ALL the salt air...

I didn't mean to let the blog go quiet... again... but you know life happens and so far it's been pretty amazing I must say. Everything has been flying by at lightening speed since we got here, so much so that I still feel like I'm on holiday. Reality hasn't really sunk in just yet that this is home... I live here! I was looking at a shirt in a store window and it had the silhouette of the state of California on it and I thought "that would be so cute for a local" and then I realized- "I'm a local!" Believe it or not, this Friday was my first time down at the beach... and I mean not just walking past it... but actually enjoying the salty breeze, uncurling on the warm sand, and just letting my soul soak up all of the wonderful sunshine. I had one of those "why am I always stressing about things (ie- getting a job) moments. I mean how can I have a care in the world when the beach is literally a few miles away?! I'm not saying that am going to abandon all of my responsibilities because that wouldn't be too cool. But I am going strive to enjoy life (and the sun) to it's last little bit from here on out. I mean eventually I'll have a job and have to be sitting in an office from 9-6 and think to myself "man, I wish I was at the beach and why was I in such a hurry for this?!" So yea, there was a lot of soul searching and life re-evaluating done on the beach that Friday afternoon... as one does when sat in paradise on their own. And it was good, I tell ya, so good. There might have even been a brief "let's just have a baby" moment... but it passed ;)

To say that I am visually being over stimulated at the moment is probably an under statement. If my crazy picture taking of everything habit has ever been at an all time high, this would be it! Hubs is being amazing (thank goodness!) and I think it's because he just knows that this what I have to do to feel connected to a place. It allows me to channel my creativity and really see my surroundings in a way I never really did before. Man I wish I had blogged in New York just so I would have been forced to stop and really look at everything. Laugh if you will, but the blog and photographing (including instagram) really saved me back in London... it was rocky. But also because I think he is just as stunned with the beauty (ridiculously tall and skinny palm trees people!) and the vast difference of it all. He's even on instagram now (@bhbeale) and you guys, I couldn't be prouder! It's been pretty cool already seeing the same city through his eyes.

On other news, our stuff accidentally got shipped to Miami... what I mean to say is it arrived in LA and then got loaded onto a truck heading to Miami where my parents live... because that was the address I had given them once upon a time when we needed an American residence on our customs forms and had no idea when we'd be over here. So due to some mix-ups between the British company and the American one, our stuff is now headed back to us and hopefully it'll all be here this week! I couldn't be more excited because I have forgotten what I packed, am so sick of the clothes I have even though they are my favorite pieces, and that it will just help this place feel more like home. Must say I do miss that toilet chair of ours! Have to admit, I am kind of jealous of our stuff... doing the cross country road trip that's on my 30 before 30 list... which reminds me that I have to actually finish that page and start blogging about all these things because 30 is only 2 years away... eek! Which also reminds of the fact that I never finished posting about the wedding and our honeymoon and yes, it was 2.5 years ago but I'm going to do it anyways! And lastly, I have rediscovered A TON of old pictures from our time in Ringwood and London that I had posts for but for one reason or another, never got around to sharing.

What I'm trying to say is that for the next couple of weeks, you can expect a mixture of current life updates with a sprinkling of some oldies... just trying to keep life interesting guys! So don't freak if you see a London one and think I've moved back... because I haven't and probably won't for a long time. Some other things you might see on here... some decor related posts because I need help! I'm looking at a fresh, blank canvas and suddenly can't make a decision to save my life! So I'm going to have to break it down on here and you guys can feel free to chirp in with thoughts (only nice ones) and suggestions. I think that about covers the randomness that is in my head. You may have seen on twitter or instagram that I recently got to assist styling a shoot and managed to sneak a few behind the scenes snaps (naughty!), that I've been eating my body weight in tacos, or that I got a new rug. All very exciting, I know. Oh an I've recently decided that spray painting stuff gold is just like the best idea ever so there will probably be a lot of gold things in my home coming soon. And I think that's enough for now... Happy Monday!

***Today I am thankful for sunshine... no more SAD for me!***

*On a slightly more serious note, a great post about depression... a lot of the same things I felt and dealt with during my time in London only she writes and illustrates it way better than I could ever!


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