Rose Bowl Flea Market...


 ^^^cause everyone needs a pirate spice rack^^^
 ^^^the heat made somebody sleepy^^^
 ^^^the watermelon lemonade was to die for^^^
 ^^^so regretting not buying some antlers^^^

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to hitch a ride to the Rose Bowl Flea Market with the younger brother of a good friend of mine from college and talk about visual stimulation overload! B is one of the three people I actually knew living out in LA before moving and he has been such great help in just about everything. Turns out one of his favorite rituals is heading to this self proclaimed "world's largest and rarest market" early on the second Sunday of each month to gaze, shop, and be inspired. And what a treat to the eyes it is! I think I was in genuine shock the entire time because even though I had allowed myself some cash to spend that day, I didn't spend a dime and that's just not like me at all. The market was filled with vendors of all sorts selling everything from antiques and actual treasure to just plain junk... I loved it all! At one moment I almost made a purchase and it was for some vintage small glass bottles when the whole indecisiveness thing I have going on lately kicked in and I found myself unable to chose a color... or style... or size. So just left in a dazed confusion and stumbled onward to the next stall. It was also an unusually warm day and B swears it's always about 10 degrees warmer in Pasadena and while I promised myself I will never again complain about the heat after surviving London, it was hot! So hot in fact that a few of the vendors (like the one captured above) could be found lazily sleeping under their tents in the cool summer breeze.

My shoulders and tops of my feet got a nice dose of vitamin d for the first time in years and I even got a bit of a sunburn... yes guys, turns out  do sunburn. Oh and I also have a funny tan line on my feet from the my flats and while normally that would really annoy me, I'm just grateful for any tan lines at the moment. We had a mini break and stuffed our faces with some tacos from vendors set up inside the market and they were to die for! I think I can happily eat tacos for every meal living out here and can totally understand why people love them so much (never did before). I would also recommend the watermelon lemonade which is just the thing you need to quench your thirst on the first hot day of the year. And while we drank about a liter of the stuff, neither of us had to pee so that just goes to show how much  fluids we were losing in sweat ;) As the weather will undoubtedly get hotter and hotter, this is still no reason to not keep the Sunday tradition going. Things to remember for next month:

1. Wear shorts!!! I can not stress that enough.
2. Don't forget to lather on the sunscreen because although normally I don't burn, now I do.
3. Bring an umbrella, parasol, hat, or some other device to shade oneself.
4. Don't forget the sunnies to shield the eyes.
5. Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.
6. Cash if you actually plan on buying anything.

So I think I will join B in this monthly tradition and hopefully next time I'll be able to lift my jaw off the floor, keep my eyes in their sockets, and not let the indecisive curse take hold of me... because I am here to shop and I am good at it! Not to mention we still need a ton of stuff for our new home and this is the perfect place to get some one of a kind pieces. And when in doubt, just buy it or you'll end up regretting it later... like those antlers, sigh.

***Today I am thankful for B... this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship I can just feel it!***


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