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 ^^^so many fun prints!^^^
 ^^^love a good shoe find^^^

After our first LA brunch at Huckleberry last Friday, hubs and I ventured around exploring our new stomping grounds of Santa Monica. It was the perfect sunny day, just breezy enough to keep you in long sleeves but with some leg exposure to balance everything out. On our walk we stumbled across this great shop called Lighthouse World Charities and of course had to go in for a peek! The store was very spacious and perfectly laid out, making it easy to navigate the brightly colored and patterned racks. When it comes to thrifting, I'm not a big fan of the whole rummaging thing... and I definitely don't like it when stores are so cram packed that their is barely any breathing room. It makes the whole experience stressful (for me) and I'd just rather take a rain check. But on the rare occasions that I can tick all of the boxes (spacious, not too crowded, has a varied assortment), just try and stop me from going in! We browsed through the racks and I found a few cute things but since I'm really trying to enforce this minimalist lifestyle (when it comes to clothing anyways), I was good and didn't try anything on. Five or six boxes marked with "clothing" that you have yet to unpack will do this to you... especially when you know most of the boxes contain your clothing.

I'm trying this new approach with this apartment, kind of like making list of basics everyone should have in their closet, but for the home. Hubs and I are really trying to make sure that we only buy pieces that we need and absolutely love for this home. A slow and sometimes frustrating process, but one that will be worth it in the end I hope. One of those things we have been shopping around for include a desk and chair. It may sound kind of funny, but you wouldn't believe how hard it's been to agree on a look and style (and price point) that keeps us both happy. So the furniture fairies must have known we'd be stopping by when they placed this perfectly aged vintage desk chair there... just in time for us to adopt. We quickly scooped her up (well hubs did) and walked home with her... all seven blocks too! My strong hubs, thank you so much for carrying our new chair all the way to our new home... for stopping along the way when I begged to do a quick style shoot... and for agreeing with me on something finally! Now hopefully we'll have the same luck with a desk.

P.S.- Did I mention that this place is non profit that raises money to help provide medical aid to West Africa?!?As if I needed anymore reasons to encourage my border line hopping habit ;)

 ***Today I thankful for finding the perfect chair... now she just needs the perfect desk***


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