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Last Friday I took hubs to a new (well new to me) hot spot for amazing food to celebrate his day off. Actually I owe a huge thanks to B for introducing me to this place after our Rose Bowl Flea Market adventure! You can also watch a little video I made about it here if you like. Anyways, poor hubs has been working crazy hours since we moved (surprise, surprise) and that includes some weekends too. He hasn't really gotten to see much or explore any so I thought we'd start with this adorable little eatery, Huckleberry. Serving the freshest (and tastiest) of meals, they are known for shopping locally and organically when it comes to their produce and most other ingredients used in their seasonal menu. If the yummy food wasn't enough to keep you coming back for more, the rustic and inviting atmosphere will surely do the trick. I especially love nabbing a seat by the front because of it's great big windows that are usually open and pouring in delicious sunshine. There's also seating outside but this place gets so crazy full and the food is just too good to wait so usually it's grab a seat wherever you can.

Despite the popularity of the place, both times I've been I have never had a problem finding a table. You order and pay at the till with the line moving pretty quickly. Then it's sit down and wait for them to bring you the goodies! Hubs ordered the warm steak sandwich and I had the BLTA which we promptly switched half of so we could try them both! A little secret of ours, we typically share meals and purposely order different things to try as much as possible when eating out... foodies, I think so! They were both so good it's hard to say which was a favorite. We also ordered a blueberry ciabatta that was heaven. Another little secret of ours, hubs and I aren't much into the sweets so we find sharing a desert works for us. But if you insist on having your own desert, this place is for you! All of the patisseries and deserts were mouth watering behind the counter glass... and yes I can appreciate the beauty that is them without necessarily craving them ;)

***Today I am thankful for and much needed day off for poor ol' hubs... he works too much***


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