A Lovely Week 5.17.13


 1. toes in the sand! 2. my hair absorbing ALL the salt air 3. looking up 4. new rug 5. my favorite palm tree lined street 6. going for a ride 7. hubs playing on instagram! 8. santa monica sunset 9. at the rose bowl flea market 10. brunch at huckleberry 11. playing with the new a beautiful mess app 12. happy mama's day! 13. hand drawing 14. always designing 15. portfolio re-working 16. pretties i picked on my walk home 17. sleepy eyes 18. street art 19. jumbo margaritas at cabo cantina 20. working in bed

Being in LA in general... awkward in a good way, don't get me wrong... but still awkward... It's like my brain won't fully register that we are here, this is it, this is home... I feel like I'm on vacation what with all the sunshine and happy people all around... this couldn't possibly be real life, could it?!? The fact that I got sunburn for the first time years and didn't really realize what was happening until it was too late... I mean I don't tend to burn... and especially not from just a stroll around a flea market! But I forgot... and my skin forgot that we just aren't used to dealing with this much sun ever! And so neither of us knew what to do (my skin and I) and so we burned... but it was worth it! My hair and how crazy out of control it's acting out here! You can tell how close we are to the coast directly by how large my hair is at any given moment... the closer to the sea I am, the bigger and wilder it gets. I'm not really sure what to do to control it... and while hubs reassures me that he like my hair all messy, I'm not quite as convinced... there's always dreading it as an option for control... Me acting like a tourist (as if I ever don't) and taking pictures of everything (as per usual) including but not limited to tall and skinny palm trees... extravagantly ridiculous cars... and all the tacos I'm consuming that if I were keeping count (I'm not) it would at least be in the 100's by now...

Being in LA but more so back on home turf! I never thought I could be homesick for somewhere I didn't even live before but LA is in America and so I went with it... A lot of people mistaking me for British (really?) or not being able to place where I'm from thanks to my unusual accent... and no, I no longer sound like I'm from Miami and yes, I am like a sponge and soak it all up! It's only a matter of time before the British words and my new articulate self are replaced by Californian phrases such as totally and awesome while being completely spacey... Walking barefoot through the beach and feeling the sand beneath my feet while the warm sunshine pours on my ever grateful face...the perfect place to do some soul searching if you ask me... Exploring places here and there of our new home and everything being just so new and exciting! I hope this honeymoon phase never goes away... Getting to talk to my parents and sister and friends and just about anyone I want to really, whenever I want to... I haven't felt this connected in a long time and I am so grateful for it... The tallest and skinniest of palm trees I have ever encountered live here and that's just pretty awesome in itself... Getting back into the swing of things and creating again... and blogging again (I missed you guys!) This feeling of genuine optimism of the things to come and feeling like anything is possible out here... another feeling that I hope is here to stay... Starting over in terms of decor for our new apartment taking our time to find pieces we really love and make this place our own... our new motto- "this is for life"... Oh and that smile of mine, it's back and bigger than ever... probably to match my big hair!

***Today I am thankful for this exciting opportunity and all the adventures that lay ahead... let's do this! ***


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