Guess What?!?


Yes I am for real... this is no delayed April fools joke either! I'm here and it's sunny and warm and I am smitten! Sorry I fell off the radar for awhile and with no warning... though if you follow me on twitter or instagram, then you've known what I've been up to... hint, hint, follow me!

I am currently sitting outside (I know!) sipping on an iced latte with a cool breeze blowing and the warm sunshine beaming on my ever grateful face. Due to lack of internet, I'm killing two birds with one stone by using Starbuck's internet while indulging in my beloved hazelnut obsession. It brings me back to the early stages of setting up life in London when Betty (my laptop) and I frequented more Starbucks than I'd like to admit. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?

I don't have much time left but I thought I'd grace the internet with a few simple things I'm sure you all are dying to know... because I know, the people have to know!

I arrived in beautiful L.A. a little over a week with hubs following me shortly after. More info on the whole visa situation at a later post because I don't have time to get into it just now. But I'm here, and he's here and that's all that really matters!

My wonderful dad and sister aka little k came to rescue and have helped with everything imaginable when moving to a new city... especially from another country. They have been my angels and made this whole relocation process so much smoother... I am truly blessed to have them as family. Mom sadly couldn't make it, but that didn't stop her from calling every day for up to minute recaps, assuring me that she would be here to visit as soon as she could.

We have an apartment!!! So happy to say we are now proud residents of Santa Monica! It is such a cute little area and close enough for hubs to cycle to work and lively enough for me to be kept entertained until I find a job... yep here I go again with the job hunt, round two!

We have a bed, a dresser, a lamp, and a cow hide rug... you know, the essentials that every starter home really needs. Oh and I also bought a little succulent that I got because I insist that every home needs a house warming plant and also really because I've heard it's low maintenance and that's very important. Our international move should be here by the end of the month and I am so excited to see what we shipped over! I honestly can't even remember what we boxed up and sent over seas but I do know that I am sick of wearing the same suitcase of clothing in rotation... ugh!

We have set up all of our utilities (not that you care) and have an internet installation appointment for Monday... translation, soon I'll be blogging more regularly again. We don't have a car just yet but I'm taking this opportunity to embrace walking around and really soaking it all in... you know, before we get sucked into the driving culture that is known to here.

All and all, life couldn't be better at the moment. It's not perfect and there are still things that need to be worked out, but I am happy. And what's even better, for the first time in a really long time, I am excited and looking forward to the uncertain... I have a good feeling about this new place we are calling home. Los Angeles, thanks for being so welcoming!

P.S.- I also turned 28 on Monday and got to celebrate with a few of my favorite people in my brand new city... it was great!

***Today I am thankful for way too much to write down... so let's just say I'm thankful for everything!***


London Escape...


This past weekend hubs and I had a mini escape from reality in the form of a quick, impromptu London visit. One of our good friends (and also hub's creative partner in advertising) was sweet enough to hire out a small cinema for his girlfriend's birthday... showing none other than Jurassic Park... her favorite movie of all times! It was also the last time we'd be seeing him before we made it out to L.A. since his visa came through and he would be flying out Sunday... am I super excited and jealous for him... definitely! But at least he can check out the scene and report back which is always nice. Actually, now I'm not sure if I ever explained this to you guys. Hub's works in a team (him and R) and they were hired together to move out to L.A. (with me tagging along of course!) Unfortunately (for us) R's visa was really easy and straight forward since he has no ties aka an American wife and was granted entrance... bye R! Maybe in another post I'll get into what's happening with hub's and I, but for now let's just focus on our great London weekend.

We were lucky enough to be able to crash at our friend's flat for the weekend at it was so nice to see everyone again... not to mention they have some amazing antlers which explains the first pictures. They live in south London so on Saturday we got to explore slightly different stomping grounds from where we used to live... but London stomping grounds none the less. On our walk, we stopped in at Le Chardon Restaurant, a charming little place with some yummy options. I highly recommend the crab cake appetizers!

We stumbled upon North Cross Road Street Market and if you know me, I love a good market! I could browse, people watch, and take pictures for hours. As it was one of the first sunny and slightly warmish days of the year, the streets were filled with locals rummaging through the various stalls. Enchanting smells lingered from the food trucks, but since we had just eaten, we opted to pass on those. The market is also conveniently located on a street lined with some quirky shops, each luring you in with a the sweetest window displays like this one at Post Mark. I you pop into just one shop, I would make it this one... that is if you share a love for anything stationary like I do. I quickly grabbed a few snail mail beauts to send of later this week... you know, trying to spread some cheer.

After much browsing and popping into shops, we stopped off at Duck Egg Cafe for a quick caffeine boost. They are known for their variety of egg dishes (duh) and can offer either duck or regular old hen eggs. Next time we'll have to try some off the food, especially since they serve breakfast all day!

After our little pit stop, we were distracted from the market by a sign promising all kinds of vintage goodness... and so we followed. The North Cross Road Vintage Store is possibly one of the best vintage shops I have come across in London... and I've been to plenty! Now don't mistake this for cheap, because cheap it isn't. But then again none of them really are in London. Still it was a treat to the eyes and I swear if we were still living in London, I would have bought a trinket... or two.

Our stroll continued past Goose Green park, filled to the brim with toddlers waddling about with young parents chasing after them. The whole walk up until now had been an endless parade of young up and coming parents, countless boutiques, and more make your own pottery shops than I could count. I used to live in Park Slope (Brooklyn) for a bit and the neighborhood kind of reminded me of that.

We stopped for a quick photo shoot in Peckham Rye Park  (a very public park I might add) and somehow ended up wandering through hub's brother's neighborhood... so we called him up and lured him out. It was really interesting to see how drastically the neighborhoods changed just from simply crossing a street. We were now in a very multi-ethnic neighborhood, one that had been affected greatly by the riots a few years ago.

Our last stop of the day ended with us at The Montpelier... scarfing down burgers and beers! Any pub that carries wheat beer and Blue Moon (even if it is bottled) is a good pub in my book. It's nice to know that even though we have been away from London for some time now, it still feels like our home. I guess maybe we haven't been away long enough to experience that awkward "it feels familiar but very foreign simultaneously" feeling... and I hope we never do. For now I guess we'll just have to escape back to London as often as we can until we can move on and claim L.A. as our new home.

***Today I am thankful for this little trip back "home"... it was the little breath of fresh air that I've been needing***

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